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Genshin Impact: The Most Powerful Bosses In The Game, And The Way To Defeat Them
Nov 23, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

At the beginning of the game, many players may think this game is very simple because the enemies in the game are not so difficult to fight against, but when your Adventure Rank reaches 30, you will completely subvert your previous opinion. Because at that time, the truly powerful bosses are waiting for you. But no one wants to be slaughtered, so we listed the most powerful enemies and the way to defeat them.

Geo Hypostasis

In Genshin Impact, Hypostases themselves are enemies that difficult to deal with, and Geo-Hypostasis is the most terrifying. It is torture for those players who have claymore-users, because Geo Hypostasis will generate pillars and dish out merciless attacks. It is the most destructive of all the hypostases.

Solution: The way to solve this is to take out these pillars one by one, or use long-range attacking characters in the battle.

Electro Hypostasis

It is second only to Geo Hypostasis, and it is difficult to defeat. If your team members are not configured correctly, you will always face it again. Not only does it have a long impeccable window, but it can also continue to regenerate its health if you can't destroy its Electro Hypostasis.

Solution: You need to use the catalyst users or Elemental Skill/Burst to perform pure elemental attacks.

Cryo Regisvine

Regisvines also play important roles in upgrading the characters and can make the character stronger. They provide a strength test, and the harder one is the cryo variant, which can freeze your characters and let them enter a world full of torture.

Solution: If you have an archer in your team at this time, you will realize how lucky you are. It will be a long and difficult battle for players without an archer.


When it comes to the most annoying boss in Genshin Impact, Oceanid is definitely one of them. It likes to shrink the arena and summon other souls to do some "things" for it.

Solution: Long-range attacks are the most effective way, so if you don't have a good bow user or a catalyst user with a suitable range, it is impossible to defeat it.

These are the most powerful bosses in the game, which also confirms how important it is to have a hero with a remote attack. If you think that a single remote attack character cannot meet your requirements, then Childe is definitely a better one. Because he has long-range and melee attack skills, which is very flexible, if you have not been able to get him from the game, now you can go to MMOWTS to buy Genhsin Impact Accounts with Childe (Tartaglia). As the fan base of Genshin Impact grows, the game is becoming more and more popular, so there may be a price increase problem, but MMOWTS has been trying its best to keep the price within a reasonable range. Therefore, MMOWTS must be the best choice for purchasing Genshin Impact Accounts.

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