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Genshin Impact Twisted Realm: Domain Of Heresy Guide
May 10, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

There is one last challenge in Genshin Impact's Twisted Realm. This round involves an elite enemy that has appeared before - Abyss Herald. However, since this is part of the Energy Amplifier Initiation event, some modifiers may prove to be minor issues. This article will help you with Twisted Realm's Domain of Heresy enemies and provide some other useful tips.

Ley Line

The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents is the elite you have encountered before, but this time Ley Line Disorder allows it to spawn attendants. When these hilichurls are alive, they will provide Abyss Herald with resistance buffs and periodic healing.

The boss often calls about 4 attendants every 30 seconds, so you'd better be fully prepared. Once its health drops to one silver, it will switch to the Dark Descent phase(water shield) and it will no longer spawn attendants.

New modifiers

Modifiers are designed to enhance Abyss Herald, whenever attendants are around. Even the extra Cryo hilichurl archer is there, so it can freeze teammates hit by Hydro damage.

However, you do not need to select most of the modifiers. If you can get about 5,000 or more points in the previous Twisted Realm challenges, then you will be able to approach the 20,000 point threshold.

Crystal Tips

You can get crystals through the Energy Amplifier Initiation event in Genshin Impact. You can refer to the following options:

(Party Member: Gnayu, Zhongli, Venti, and Qiqi)

* Endless Waltz: The cyclic burst between characters will release a shock wave.

* Ironbow and Frostbite: Ganyu is the main DPS 

* Timely Rain: It can ensure permanent freezing

* Burst Damage, Overcharge, and Iron Wall: They can provide extra help for the team

Domain of Chaos encounter

The Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents have the same attacks and abilities as before. Depending on the modifiers you choose, and any active attendant buffs, these moves will cause a lot of damage.

Because attendants are hilichurl-type mobs, effective crowd control techniques and AOE capabilities are used to ensure that they are quickly removed. You can move behind Abyss Herald and wait for new spawns, then use Venti's tornado and blasted them with Ganyu's charge attack. Using Venti's burst can result in a Timeless Rain proc to cover everyone in Hydro.

If you need more crowd control abilities, use Zhongli or Gnayu's burst to cause another Timeless Rain, and then use Cryo to freeze everyone.

Continue to attack Abyss Herald until its health is depleted, once it switches to the Dark Descent/water shield phase. The encounter will become easier. Since it becomes a Hydro entity, you can freeze Abyss Herald.

Make sure to use elements that can fight against Hydro (such as Cryo and Electro) so that you can defeat the boss. If you have reached the 20,000 point threshold, you can get challenge rewards.

This is some information you need to know about Domain Of Heresy. The important thing is that the team configuration must be appropriate so that you can win in this encounter.

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