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Genshin Impact: What's The Spiral Abyss? What's It For? How To Unlock It? All The Answers Are Here!
Oct 23, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

As a new game, Genshin Impact quickly attracted many players. Players can collect resources in any corner of the world in Genshin Impact, and explore dungeons to defeat enemies.

Also, when your Adventure Rank is high enough, you can start the online multiplayer mode. Therefore, if you want to fight side by side with other players, you need to level up your Adventure Rank. Areas like Spiral Abyss can help you improve your Adventure Rank.

If you want to visit Spiral Abyss, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 20. When you meet this condition, you can find the entrance at the Cape Oath located in the lower right corner of the map. You will see a wormhole in the sky with three Seelie statues under it. You only need to defeat these enemies to access Musk Reef. Now, you can visit Spiral Abyss and collect the rewards inside.

The game content will be updated regularly, which can bring freshness to players at all times. Genshin Impact plans to release on Nintendo Switch soon, and release new story content before the end of the year. Those players who have completed the main prologue story are looking forward to the next story. For new players, this is when you experience the exciting content of the game, just enjoy it.

Genshin Impact's character is based on a 5-star system, which means that it is difficult to obtain a 5-star hero, but once you have a 5-star hero character, your gaming experience will be improved. If you have enough time to grind your character, that would be great, but for those players who just want to experience the game core, go to MMOWTS to buy a Genshin Impact Account with 5-star hero is the best choice. Some people may worry about buying accounts online is risky, but MMOWTS guarantees that the Genshin Impact Accounts for sale are made manually, because there are always talented players who can quickly grind a hero become a five-star hero ( so jealous of them!), and then they choose to sell their accounts, and MMOWTS will buy their accounts at a reasonable price, so we can 100% guarantee the security of each account.

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