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Genshin Impact: When Will Baizhu Be Playable?

For Genshin Impact players, the new playable characters are a very attractive part. Although the latest version of the game has been released, many fans are starting to look forward to the 1.5 version. Due to recent leaks, news that Baizhu will appear has been circulating, but will Baizhu really become a playable character in 1.5?

We still tend to believe this news, because before that, many characters were leaked in advance, and almost all characters were finally confirmed.

But the rumors surrounding Baizhu becoming a playable character should be suspected. After all, Mihoyo has not confirmed that Baizhu will appear in 1.5 or other updates. Baizhu is already an NPC in the game, and NPCs with unique designs will usually become playable heroes. This is similar to the way Rosaria was confirmed as an NPC in version 1.4. Genshin Impact often introduced characters before they became playable, so Mihoyo may have used the same strategy in Baizhu.

In addition, the news about Baizhu is not just one source, but multiple sources, so this increases credibility. So Baizhu will definitely appear in Genshin Impact at some time. For any fans who want to see the update as early as possible, version 1.5 is being tested, but there is no guarantee that registered users will be selected.

In short, Baizhu's leak seems to be credible, because he is already an NPC in the game, and his design is very unique. If he really becomes a playable character in version 1.5, MMOWTS will also start selling his Genshin Impact Accounts. If you don’t get Baizhu in the game at that time, you can come to MMOWTS to check it out immediately, and then you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts with him.

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