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Genshin Impact: When Will Rosaria Be A Playable Character?

Genshin Impact 1.4 Update will be released in less than a month. Now many players are curious about the new content. At the same time, news about the 1.4 version has also been revealed. What attracts fans most is the new playable characters, Rosaria seems to be very popular.

As early as last year, Rosaria was a part of an alleged datamine that revealed 8 new playable heroes for Genshin Impact. Since that time, other characters have appeared on this list, including Hu Tao, who is a hero will appear in version 1.3 because of rumors that he will appear in the Genshin Impact banner. Now with version 1.4 coming soon, Rosaria will be the protagonist of the latest update.

The news that Rosaria will become a playable character is not uncommon, because she once appeared on the Genshin Impact 1.2 liveatream. At that time, some fans speculated that she could be playable at some point. Although Rosaria has appeared in the game, she cannot be recruited. Considering her unique style and relationship with other characters such as Barbara, Rosaria may also be an important role.

Because Rosaria was part of a data mining leak and eventually appeared in the game, it seems true that she will become a playable character. Because of previous experiences, many of the previous reveals of characters are very accurate. As for more precise news, we still need to wait for Mihoyo to announce.

So far, other rumored banner roles are quite accurate:

In version 1.1, Zhongli and Tartaglia were leaked in advance

In version 1.2, Ganyu and Albedo appeared

But in version 1.3, Hu Tao hasn't appeared yet, but it should not be far away from his arrival. So for Genshin Impact fans, they will not feel bored, because there is still much new content waiting for them.

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