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Genshin Impact: When Will Yanfei Be Playable?
Apr 07, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Currently, Genshin Impact 1.4 version is in progress, but many fans are already looking forward to 1.5 content. As always, many characters have been leaked on the internet for a long time before the arrival of new content. Yanfei is one of them, she is Liyue's legal expert. So will she become a playable character in version 1.5?

Yanfei is part of an alleged datamine. Generally speaking, the rumors of Genshin Impact are very reliable, so Yanfei is likely to become a playable character in version 1.5, and the other leaked character is Eula.

From the current point of view, Yanfei comes from Liyue and is a Pyro character. But there are already a large number of Pyro users in the game, so Yanfei may be saved for a later update. Besides, Yanfei is suspected to be a catalyst user, so many of her attacks will be based on magic and ranged. There are also rumors that she is a 4-star character like Rosaria or Xinyan, which means that she is more likely to be obtained through the Wish system than a 5-star character like Venti or Diluc.

Even if Yanfei is part of the 1.5 version, it is unlikely to be the first character to appear. MIHOYO usually updates Genshin Impact every 6 weeks, but new characters do not appear at the same time. For example, Rosaria was part of the 1.4 update, but she was only added as a banner character on April 6.

There are already many choices in Genshin Impact that have made more obvious choices so that they can be played in version 1.5. Scaramouche and Baizhu have been leaking since their first appearance in the game. With such a unique design, these NPCs will become playable in the end, because they are already in Genshin Impact, so once they become playable characters, they will surprise fans.

Once the latest news of Genshin Impact is leaked, MMOWTS will also keep up with current events and update relevant articles promptly.

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