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Genshin Impact: Where To Buy and Farm Carrots?
Dec 29, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In Genshin Impact, carrots are a precious resource, which can be used to create red dye for making items in Serenitea Pot. In addition, their main purpose is cooking, if you need to get them quickly, MMOWTS will help.

Where to find carrots?

* Dawn Winery: In the fields around the winery, there are several carrot crops. You can find them by breaking the boxes and barrels.

* Springvale: A few people in the village south of the waypoint are growing carrots, and they are all ready to harvest.

* Brightcrown Canyon: This location is not obvious, you can go southwest from the waypoint on the coast, you will find a few bunches of carrots.

* Stormterror’s Lair: This area is difficult to navigate, you can go to the northernmost waypoint. Some carrots are on the east side for you to grab, after which you can head to the lair to find more. You can also find a cluster near the waypoint to the west side of the lair.

Where to buy carrots?

There is at least one place in Teyvat where you can buy a bunch of carrots, up to 10 carrots per day. Each price is 260 Mora, although expensive, it is also worth it when necessary.

You can go to Liyue Harbor, walk to the south of the harbor, cross the bridge, and then walk along a row of shops to the right of the building opposite the waypoint. You can visit several restaurants, but when you zoom in on the map, only one is marked - Wanmin Restaurant.

You can talk to Mao, the chef of Wanmin Restaurant, browse his inventory and find carrots and several other vegetables. He also sells some recipes, you can buy them there.

Now you can get the carrots you need in various ways. With the approach of 2.4 Update, new heroes will appear. MMOWTS will also provide Genshin Impact Accounts with Shenhe in time. You can pay more attention to MMOWTS.

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