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Genshin Impact: Where To Find Bounty Locations?

Source: MMOWTS

The update of Genshin Impact 1.1 update not only brings us new characters, but also provides new stories and quality of life options. In Teyvat, you can participate in bounty hunts.

In both Mondstadt and Liyue, you can find specific NPCs, talk to them, and receive bounties, and then you will be assigned to a monster that you need to hunt down. Note that to participate in this bounty hunt, your Adventure Rank needs to reach 25! If you want to get unique rewards, you need to increase the city's reputation level, such as cooking special dishes and crafting recipes.

Accept bounty

In Mondstadt, you need to find the NPC at the gate to Cider Lake, and in Liyue, the NPC you need to find is near the port warehouse, which is close to Wanmin Restaurant.

Bounty Locations

Once the target is selected, the portion of the world map will be highlighted in yellow, which indicates the scope of the bounty, not the specific location.

Arrive there with teleportation

You can choose to walk there or use one of the waypoints to traverse there. Of course, instant teleportation is much faster and it is easier to track bounties. If your Adventure Rank has not reached 25, you cannot accept these tasks. You need to find all the waypoints. When you complete these, hunting will be easier.

Track down the target

Once you arrive at the designated location, you have to start tracking the target, and these tasks are time-limited, so you have to grasp every second, you can not search aimlessly, you need to find clues to the bounty.

You need to find 3 tracks. These tracks can be anything, such as: What monsters do you want to defeat, and what fauna growing do you have to collect? If you are a PC user, you can press the eye icon or the mouse wheel, and you will see a blue thread floating in the air. This leads to every track, so when you have no clue, you can turn on this sight. When all three are founded, the boss will appear. You just need to defeat it within the specified time and return to the city. The most difficult point is that there is a time limit, which makes the whole process a little troublesome. If you fail the first time, you can try several times.

Of course, if you have a five-star hero, you may soon complete this task, because in terms of combat effectiveness, their abilities are beyond doubt!

For those players who do not have five-star heroes, I strongly recommend you to come to MMOWTS to purchase Genshin Impact Accounts with 5-star heroes. Because as a game with only 0.6 pull rates, it is difficult to get a five-star hero in the game, unless you have good luck and sufficient time, so for most players, buying Genshin Impacts Accounts is the fastest way.

And after the release of 1.1 update, MMOWTS also launched more Genshin Impact Accounts options, there are different packs, there will definitely be what you need!

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