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Lords Of The Fallen: How To Get 6 New Spells? - Locations & Tips
Nov 24, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

The development team of Lords of the Fallen released a roadmap not long ago. They showed us many features that will be added to the game, one of which is actually a new spell.

Spells in Lords of the Fallen are special powers that allow players to perform a variety of game-changing actions. Such as increasing damage, summoning creations and entities, or even covering the entire field with magical explosions. Spells can be purchased from merchants by spending LotF Vigor, or obtained by looting and defeating enemies. Today I’ll show you how to get these 6 new spells.

Lords Of The Fallen: How To Get 6 New Spells? - Locations & Tips


Let’s start with Tolling spell. Tolling is a Radiant Spell that triggers a wave of Radiant magic that can knock down multiple enemies while dealing with physical damage.

This spell summons a bell above your head, and after you click it three times, you perform an AOE attack. This deal some considerable damage to the surrounding area while knocking back your opponent.

You can get this spell by killing Receiver of Sacred Resonance enemy. If you come to Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters, follow the corridor and you’ll eventually find it. Once you kill him enough times, he’ll eventually throw a Tolling spell at you.

Of course, you can also get Tolling from another enemy in another region. But this place is much better because we can actually get the second spell, Vortex of Torment.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: The Tolling Spell Location

Vortex Of Torment

If you just turn around from here and walk slightly backwards from the path you took here, one enemy we’ve actually passed is the one that drops Vortex of Torment spell, Scourged Sister. She’ll just stand in the clearing here, and then you can kill her and get the spell from her dying body.

Vortex of Torment is also a Radiant Spell that can summon Cyclone, causing various effects such as Physical Damage, Bleeding, and Smite buildup, and leaving an AOE pool. Over time, it can also cause damage to those standing in it.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Vortex of Torment Spell Location

Blistering Salvo

For the next spell we need to head to Vestige of Hooded Antuli in Sunless Skein. The spell we are looking for this time is called Blistering Salvo, from this Vestige.

If you’ve already passed through this area, you’ll find that this long tunnel contains the enemies you see frequently at the beginning of the game, called Proselytes. You’ll get this spell after knocking him down a few times.

Blistering Salvo is one of Inferno Spells available in Lords of the Fallen, which summons projectiles in the form of darts that deal with burning stacks and fire damage. But they don’t cost much mana and burn, so it’s actually pretty good.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Blistering Salvo Spell Location

Rising Fire

For the next Rising Fire spell, we will need to go to Upper Calrath. This spell drops from Infernal Enchantress enemies. Other locations where you can encounter Infernal Enchantress enemies include Lower Calrath and Bramis Castle.

Rising Fire is one of Inferno Spells. Can summon Orbs of Fire, causing burn accumulation and fire damage. They do pretty decent damage if the target is moving.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Rising Fire Spell Location

Pallid Bile

The next spell to get will be called Pallid Bile, and to get it, you will need to kill Womb of Despair enemy. We can only encounter this enemy while the player is in Umbral Realm.

A good place to farm is to head to Umbral Realm before fighting Pieta and stay in Umbral until mobs start spawning. There is an area in front of the boss where Umbral Eyes will close and destroy enemies before it becomes unstoppable.

Pallid Bile is one of Umbral Spells available in LotF, which can release the flow of Umbral Magic, causing Poison buildup and Wither Damage. This spell is actually kind of insane. It does a ton of damage and also instantly creates poison. So the damage output of this spell can be very high.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Pallid Bile Spell Location

Septic Heave

The last spell we’ll get is Septic Heave. This spell drops from Shuja Strider enemies. The recommended farming location is Forsaken Fen near Vestige of Valade. There are multiple Strider enemies in the area where you first find the petrified Kukajin and an enormous bonfire.

Septic Heave is an Umbral Spell that fires projectiles that cause poison accumulation and physical damage. Its damage is low, but using it to target enemies is very useful.

Lords of the Fallen Guide: Septic Heave Spell Location

Final Thoughts

A little over a month after the release of Lords of the Fallen, they have implemented two new campaign missions. Now, these six new spells are clearly doing their best to add something new to the game. Let me know what you guys think of these six new spells. Do you think they’re really cool or do you think they’re a little lame? I wish you all the best.

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