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New World: How To Earn Massive Gold With Skinning Bears? - Thick Hide & Pristine Bear Claw Route
Nov 25, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Today, I’m going to show you how to earn a decent amount of gold per hour by farming Thick Hide and Pristine Bear Claw.


Currently, my location is actually here in Brightwood, and I’m next to this cave called Greyvale Grotto. I usually start from Settlements.

New World: How To Earn Massive Gold With Skinning Bears? - Thick Hide & Pristine Bear Claw Route

Now all you have to do is Skinning. Your target is the bear in this area. When you Skinning, they actually give you Thick Hide and Red Meat. Then you also have a chance to get Pristine Bear Claw. It sells for since you can use them to craft Beast Trophies.

On my server, they sell for about 70 New World Coins each. Then you also can get Pristine Bear Pelt, which also sells very well.

Thick Hide is worth approximately 20 coins each. That’s not actually that much, but when you skin these guys, they actually give you a lot of Thick Hide yield.

So I was making about 3K-5K an hour, which is actually a decent amount. Because the economy is really low right now, it’s actually not too bad in terms of the weight of the economy right now.

New World: Skinning Guide


Next, let’s talk about the route for farming these bears, which will be the route I usually follow when doing so here.

We usually start with Brightwood. Then climb up the cliff and go around this cliff, where you will see your first bear. I’ll kill him and then move on to the rest of this cave. Just a note of caution: skin them all before you leave the cave.

You can also mine ore in caves, which yields a rare ore, Starmetal. You can also farm Starmetal Veins along this route if you wish.

But after killing those bears, I’ll exit the cave on this side. When we come out, you’ll realize there’s actually a group of bears here. I surrounded them, that’s why I suggested using a ranged weapon. It won’t attack these guys in one direction, so you can just round them all up and then skin them when you’re done.

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We can catch two more bears here. You’ll find one next to Wyrdwood Tree nearby. To find another one, you need to go down this hill and to the roadside to the left of the pond, where there is another Wyrdwood Tree and the bear is here. We can just round up the bears and skin them.

That’s the route where we’re going to loop all the way back to where we started and do the same thing again. We just ran along the edge of the cliff to the top.

New World: Brightwood Skinning Bears Route


We can walk this route again. To take advantage of maximum profit and yield, the buff I use is actually a food buff I use called Savory Fish Cake, for good luck.

I’m also using Powerful Proficiency Boost and Music Buffs, where you gain luck or production by playing music. Either one will give you the same amount of profit.

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I also recommend using Skinning Luck Trophies around your house. I own all three main Skinning Luck Trophies. Then you’ll have more luck when you’re marked for PVP.

Like I said, this route makes me 3K-5K an hour on my server's Castle of Steel. But it depends on how much Pristine Bear Claw we get. That concludes this guide. Hurry up and give it a try!

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