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Lost Ark: Power Pass Can Help Get Your Characters Up To Level 50 Quickly
Feb 15, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

If you finished the main story in Lost Ark and fully leveled up your first character, then you may want to level up another character in less time, this is where the Power Pass will help you. MMOWTS will introduce Power Pass in detail.

The Power Pass is a rare consumable that, once used, allows the character to reach level 50 through a short story retelling.

Where to get a Power Pass?

You can only earn Power Passes by putting in the effort. You'll earn your first Power Pass by completing Lost Ark's main quest, which concludes ‘Ealyn's Gift’ mission in North Vern. The game will automatically send you a Power Pass token, which you can find in the in-game mailbox. After that, you need to give the token to the character you want to power level and let them use it.

Once you've used the first pass, the game will send a second Power Pass to your mailbox, which will be the last one for now. Because Lost Ark limits each account to only 2 Power Pass.

How does a Power Pass work?

The Power Pass is a free boost item, but it doesn't work the same way as other similar items. The Power Pass will unlock the Adventurers Path, which is an optional, expedited quest chain that will help you to get the max level. As you make your way down the path, the game takes you through the abridged retelling of Lost Ark's main story without cutscenes and grind.

Quests will give you the ins and outs of your character's class, and when Adventurer's Path is complete, you'll be rewarded with gear that matches the endgame content.

The upgrade system used by Lost Ark requires more and more materials to get a chance to upgrade successfully. If the upgrade fails, you need to farm more materials to try again, but if you have enough Lost Ark Gold, it is also easy to be finished.

Anytime you encounter difficulties, you can come to MMOWTS for help, we not only provide cheap Lost Ark Gold but also provide fast delivery to ensure you have a good gaming experience.

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