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Monopoly Go: Is There An End To This Game? - Level & Board
Jun 27, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

If you’ve read the rules of previous Monopoly games carefully, you’ll notice that a standard game can take 60-90 minutes, and even longer if you follow House Rules.

But how long does it take to complete a game of Monopoly Go by Scopely? How many levels are there? These are questions that players who haven’t played Monopoly Go for a while now may want to ask, so this guide will answer them.

Monopoly Go: Is There An End To This Game? - Level & Board

What Are Levels?

Most players probably think that levels in Monopoly Go are equivalent to the game board you’re playing on, but this is not always the case. For example, a level can refer to the level of the board you’re on, or it can refer to your player level, where the player level is measured by Net Worth in Monopoly Go. It is shown by the blue icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

How Do You Upgrade To Another Level Or Board?

Monopoly Go is a game that cleverly balances resources, the most obvious of which are your cash and dice rolls. You can use cash to upgrade your Landmarks and build houses on the board to collect rent from other players to monopolize property.

But getting from one tile to another requires your dice, which also makes the dice an indispensable source of your upgrades.

You can complete a board in Monopoly Go by upgrading all the Landmarks you have. When you build more than five Landmarks and upgrade each Landmark to level six, you complete this board.If you want to upgrade quickly, it means you need to prepay cash. As the level increases, the cash increases. Other players can demolish your Landmarks while you are offline, forcing you to repair them.

You can also equip your buildings with some shields to prevent this from happening. Each time you go offline, your Landmarks will be reduced by one level, which is one of the fundamental ways this app wants you to stay online.

But you need to be reminded that the shield is disposable, and you can only equip three at the same time. Shields can be obtained directly from your board. They automatically spawn on random blocks, and all you have to do is land on a block with a shield on it to get them.

Monopoly Go Landmarks

Once you acquire shields, they disappear from the board, and new ones take a minute or two to spawn. Multiple shields can exist on the board at the same time, and they will spawn even if you are not in the game.

If you don’t have a way to earn enough cash, you can’t progress. Besides demolishing your Landmarks, other players will directly enter your bank to rob. So you need to earn more cash through daily tasks, Quick Wins, Community Chests, and events.

Try to use this cash to build and upgrade your Landmarks before logging off for the day. These uncertainties will greatly affect your game progress, so you can’t complete all the board levels at once.

As mentioned above, if you want to increase your player level, you need to increase your Net Worth by constantly building and upgrading and completing property color sets. These will provide you with a lot of experience points, the purpose of which is to reach the next Net Worth tier, which is also the main upgrade system of the game.

How Many Boards Are There?

Currently Monopoly Go has over 150 unique boards, ranging from famous cities like Las Vegas to New York to fictional locations like Fairy Tales and Dinosaur Land.

New players are assigned a variant, which is broken down into 8 groups, each with 40-150 boards. New players start with New York City, and only after you complete the first five boards you can know which variant your account belongs to.

How Many Levels Are There?

Level 1: Beginner's Luck

The first level of Monopoly Go is called "Beginner's Option". In this level, players start with a limited amount of money and the game rules are similar to traditional Monopoly. The player's goal is to get real estate, build houses and hotels, and collect rent from other players. This level introduces the famous "Go" area where players can win $200 every time they pass. In this phase, players focus on building their empire and planning activities.

Level 2: High Stakes

Once the player reaches level 2, the benefits increase. The game introduces new cards called "Event Cards" that bring an exciting twist to the game. These cards can have both advantages and disadvantages for players, making the game more unpredictable. Event cards also add a strategic dimension. Players should carefully consider their actions to avoid negative consequences.

Level 3: City Expansion

The third level of Monopoly Go is all about expanding your town. At this level, the player can build a farm of skyscrapers, which significantly increases the rental price. Skyscrapers are a game changer because they can be built on any terrain, such as railways and public buildings. This level introduces the "City Planner" map, which allows players to prevent skyscrapers from being built on their land.

Level 4: Fortune Favors The Bold

Fortune favors the heroes in this level of Monopoly Go. The game introduces a new mechanic called "Risk and Reward". When players pass the "luck" area, they can choose to take a risk and win a big bonus or play it safe and get a small bonus and Monopoly Go Stickers. This level adds a new level of excitement and strategy as players must decide whether to risk more wealth.

Level 5: Monopoly Elite

The final and most challenging level of Monopoly Go is Monopoly Elite. In this level, players must build the most luxurious and profitable hotel chain on the board to win the game. This game introduces a new type of real estate "Elite Real Estate". These properties have the highest rent and offer bonuses to players. However, they are expensive and players need to have a lot of money to get them.

Hope you have fun in Monopoly Go and can win as many times as possible on the board against the other player until he/she goes bankrupt.

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