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One More Step Than Other Players on WOW Dragonflight: How to Prepare Better for New Expansion
Dec 12, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Now that Jailor has been conquered and the heroes of Azeroth have returned to the land of the living, it is now time to embark on the next World of Warcraft expansion. While the existence of the Dragon Isles has been mentioned since the early days of the MMORPG, very little was known about the home of the Aspects.

Now, the wing of dragons return, but things have changed considerably with their lengthy absence. Species like the Maruuk Centaur and the Iskaara Tuskarr have made the lands their home, while others, like the Primal Incarnates and their followers, fight for domination. With new threats to face and beautiful new lands to explore, there are several things players can do to ensure the very best experience from the beginning.

One More Step Than Other Players on WOW Dragonflight: How to Prepare Better for New Expansionng

Importnat Things Need to Prepare For The Dragon Isles

Expansions are a fresh start for players, as they are forced to regear, grind to level 70, and get used to any new talents and rotation for their class. With this in mind, it's always a good idea for players to prepare their character as best they can before stepping foot on the Dragon Isles. As characters quest or run dungeons, their bags will fill up quickly with gear, reagents, and trash, especially when using an auto-loot addon. This is why it's a good idea to empty bags as much as possible, as well as purchase or create the biggest bags available. Installing the Blizzard Authenticator app will give the player four more item slots while keeping their account secure. While emptying bags, check if there is any useful gear that could have been missed while doing the pre-expansion event. Tuning a character's talent tree before starting in Dragonflight is another good idea, which should reflect the way a player intends on leveling through Dragonflight.

Complete The Pre-Quests

Before heading to the mysterious Dragon Isles, the player will need to complete a short pre-quest chain that will introduce the team that their character will be traveling with, as well as set up the plot of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

As soon as the player logs in, they will get a message summoning them to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on their faction, to take up arms against the latest threat. After traveling around the city and getting familiar with the new race, the Dracthyr, it will be time to hop onto the ship or zeppelin, which will take the character to The Waking Shores

Obtain And Fly A New Dragon

Being able to train and fly a dragon around the Dragon Isles is among the biggest additions to World of Warcraft. Dragonriding is the only way to fly around the Dragon Isles, so it’s important to get used to the skill and increase the vigor resource. While flying is awkward at first, with the dragon running out of steam pretty quickly, as the player progresses through the campaign, their dragonriding skill will increase.

Dragonriding is unlocked very early in the game, with lots of customization options learned from Drakewatcher Manuscripts. Dragonriding glyphs can be found all around the Dragon Isles, which also have a chance of unlocking customization options. The player will only need to collect glyphs once, as they are shared across all characters on an account.

Replacing Gear

Regardless of the gear currently quipped to a character, after a few hours of playing Dragonflight, most of it will be replaced. Players don't have to worry about undergeared alts going into the expansion, as plenty of catch-up gear will be provided through the main and side quests, as well as the rare mobs dotted around The Waking Shore.

While it is natural to be attached to legendaries, especially those that took a lot of effort to earn, better alternatives will be available. As soon as the player arrives in the Dragon Isles, legendary items lose their benefits, especially Covenant ones that will only work in Shadowlands. Running dungeons will also be a fantastic place to gather gear, as well as a healthy amount of experience.

Collect Dragon Isle Supplies

Collecting Dragon Isle Supplies is crucial to a character's development during their time on the Dragon Isles. The player will begin finding this currency very early on, which can be spent with Pathfinder Jeb and Cataloger Jakes, who can be found at the most southern point of The Waking Shores in the Dragonscale Basecamp.

Dragon Isles Supplies can be used to purchase gear and renown items like WOW Gold, such as toys, mounts and schematics,as long as the player has hit the rank needed. This currency is awarded for almost every activity in Dragonflight, so don't forget to spend them to make the adventure easier.

Remember To Have Fun
No matter how people decide to spend their time on the Dragon Isles, the most important thing is to have fun while playing. There is often a pressure to hit level 70, but this could result in a player missing out on many aspects of the expansion and make the game feel more like a chore. Rated PVP and Mythic Plus don't launch until December 12th and December 13th respectively, which means skipping content isn't necessary.

Explore new zones, master dragonriding, get immersed in the plot, become adept in professions, and above all, have fun. World of Warcraft expansions launch every two years, so getting to experience the new locations, lore, and game mechanics for the first time is a rare treat.

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