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R U Ready? WOW TBC Classic Will Test Same-Faction Battlegrounds This Weekend
Jul 08, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Blizzard will test Battlegrounds' same faction matchmaking in WOW TBC this weekend to reduce the matchmaking time for Horde players. Since the release of The Burning Crusade, Horde players have been forced to wait in queues of up to an hour or longer.

Why the long queue times? Because compared with Alliance players, Horde has more players. Alliance players can queue for any battleground and immediately enter the game, but for Horde players, the queue time has steadily increased. Because Horde is considered to be a better choice for PvP thanks to powerful racial bonuses for Horde races, such as Orcs, Blood Elves, and Undead. Because it is more suitable for PvP, Horde players need to wait longer than Alliance players to enter the battlegrounds.

Blizzard stated that a few weeks ago when they saw the Battlegrounds queue time increase significantly, they started to solve this problem. In addition to following the discussions of the players, they also looked at the game history and data. The most obvious from the player's feedback is that they don’t want to wait in long queues for BG and want to continue to play on their chosen side of the faction conflict.

They will prioritize players against members of the opposing faction, but it will not force a large number of Horde players to wait for a few Alliance players. If the opposite-faction match cannot be made quickly, you will be matched with a team from your faction. Rewards such as Honor and Reputation will be distributed as usual.

This change will extend to Warsong Gulch, Eye of the Storm, and Arathi Basin queues. The Alterac Valley queues will remain the only battleground that’s required between Horde vs. Alliance because of the faction-specific NPCs involved.

This is the latest example of Blizzard, showing that they are willing to make various changes to The Burning Crusade, and these were not found in the initial milestone expansion. Some of these changes, such as the changes to Arena and rolling the game’s endgame content out in phases, have received generally positive responses. After this weekend, Blizzard will return queues to the original and analyze specific data with the same faction testing.

Given this, TBC players can always expect WOW TBC Classic to bring more surprises, because Blizzard is making continuous attempts to bring players a better gaming experience. If you need TBC Classic Gold, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them.

Even if it is not to buy TBC Classic Gold, you can subscribe to MMOWTS, because here you can get the latest game news and game guides, which may be the things exactly what you need.

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