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Recommendations of Best Supports for Your Cryo Teams
Aug 20, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

One of the most important things of Genshin Imapct for players is to create a powerful team with favourite characters. Thus the importance of a powerful buffer is significant in your adventure experiences. Today let's start by talking about the ever powerful - Shenhe.

As a dedicated cryo support, Shenhe was introduced in 2.4 as one of the first characters ever to have this new type of buff, Shenhe's elemental skill essentially allows her to grant every member of her team a couple of stacks of icy quills, which will trigger anytime a teammate deals cryo damage.

The way it works though is that it adds a flat damage bonus to the cryo damage based on Shenhe's ATK, and that bonus can be multiplied by the character's other damage bonuses. Thus, Shenhe acts as a very powerful buffer for cryo centric teams, and is rather mediocre in most other teams besides physical teams and some forms of melt teams. Naturally this caused a bit of discourse when she came out, because the a 5 star support that would only work optimally in a very specific portion of the game's teams is not worthy for spending lots of money on gacha. Thus, if you really need a Shenhe for your team, it is highly recommended that you can buy a Shenhe Genshin Impact Account in MMOWTS, you can directly experience the Shenhe without gacha.

But this discourse was quelled when players realized just how valuable she is, as the game's most powerful cryo buffer, by a long shot, and she essentially opened the gates for previously weak teams, which is especially notable when you consider fighting against enemies who can't be frozen.

Take, for example, Kazuha. A Kazuha with 800 EM comes in roughly 21% behind Shenhe's average, Shenhe as Ayaka's best buffer in a freeze team, so if you had to choose between one or the other, running Shenhe with a different shredder would typically net considerably higher damage.

And yes, this immense buffing power is technically confined to cryo centric teams, but Shenhe enables quite a few otherwise mediocre teams so that you can make more possibilities in your cryo team as long as she dominates in.

And she's doing all of this while allowing other highly contested buffers to be slotted into other teams, which can be very valuable for the majority of players running through the spiral abyss. It's a very important topic that you'll see me bring up frequently in this article, Shenhe's very high value is that she completely alleviates the pressure of needing other powerful and highly contested buffers on cryo teams, so you won't have to worry about not having a Kazuha, Bennett or Yelan, because Shenhe exists primarily to fill that spot better than any of those top tier buffers can inside of cryo teams.

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