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WOW WOTLK Classic: Beta Update opens Wintergrasp
Aug 19, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

WOW WOTLK Classic is constantly improving to bring players a top gaming experience after the official release. In recent moves, Blizzard has made systematic improvements to the Beta, including the opening of new regions, bug fixes, and class balance adjustments.

We can focus on Wintergrasp first, and now players can explore the area and experience the initial instanced battlefield, which can support up to 120 players per faction at the same time. Not only that, but Strand of the Ancients and Orgrimmar Arena are both available after the update.

At the same time, the adjustment of occupational balance is also worthy of attention.

1. Death Knight - Death Runes should no longer stay active after swapping specs; and newly created Death Knights should no longer spam achievements to other players in the chat window.

2. Druid - Glyph of Hurricane no longer incorrectly buffs Insect Swarm and debuffs Hurricane.

3. Hunter - Hunters can no longer remove Exotic Pets from the stable if they are not talented into Beast Mastery.

4. Priest - Mana Burn should now break fears as expected.

5. Mage - Applying buffs that increase stats after Molten Armor is already applied should not lower your critical strike chance significantly.

6. Paladin - Greater Blessing of Sanctuary should once again be able to be cast.

7. Warlock - Fixed an issue where Warlock’s Drain Soul channel would incorrectly cancel if a killing blow was dealt to an enemy that was not the target of Drain Soul.

8. Warrior - Slam should now correctly delay auto attack timers for the duration of Slam’s cast time.

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