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Yae Miko - The Most Recommended Character in Genshin Impact 3.0
Aug 19, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

In the Genshin Impact 3.0, one of the most significant mate-changes is the Dendro aura, it will hace two major reactions with Hydro and Electro, while the enemy is affected by a Dendro aura, Electro combines Dendro will bring Quicken aura, any subsequence electro application or Hydro application will then trigger aggravate or spread which do boneless damage. Considering those changes, to choose a good Electro character will help you a lot in your future adventures.

Yae Miko, who probably is a really good aggravate user as her totem continuously apply a bunch of electrodes and therefore it can trigger a lot of aggravates.

One of the biggest benefits of being able to build elemental mastery on Yae Miko now is that you can double dip on your talent, your talent will increase your elemental skill damage based off your elemental mastery which means that your normal scaling damage is going to be higher.

Just like visuals when you trigger a aggravated reaction, your aggravated reaction will scale based off your elemental mastery but at the same time your elemental mastery will increase your damage percent, which will then be a part of the aggravate damage formula.

Overall Yae Miko’s damage would increase significantly in the mate-test which benefited by the new Dendro aura reactions.

However, some players do not have Yae Miko in their collections, which means they probably do not have any opportunities to experience those changes above on time. Actually in MMOWTS we could offer you a wonderful personally Genshin Impact accounts with the reasonable price. Not just Yae Miko, other powerful characters accounts are on sale with 50% discount as well. We have the best price comparing other websites, come to MMOWTS and pick your favourite individual Genshin Impact account!

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