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Some Guides on Getting Level 80 Quickly in Classic WotLK
Aug 23, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Hi folks, the prepatch is coming soon and Wrath of the Lich King Classic is about the release. Thus everyone's goal for the next few weeks, months or even couple years will be to get their characters from level 70 to 80 swiftly. Northrend is quite different than Azeroth, or even Outland, today we're going to be focusing specifically on the 70 to 80, the tips in Northren. It is obvious that different people prefer different methods in leveling, like solo quest leveling or group dungeon farming, today we're going to talk about some essential leveling tips that will help you in Northrend.

Things to Prepare:

Firstly, make sure you have enough Water Walking Elixirs. If you've experienced Northrend on the beta test, you may know that some quests take place inside water itself, some of them place where you have to travel lager bodies of water to get to your goal. Thus using an Elixir of Water Walking will reduce a lot of minutes of boring swimming. Those water walking elixirs are very cheap, so ensure to have enough elixirs and that should last you for your whole journey till level 80.

Another necessary consumables are the different flasks. They could increase your damage, and they last even after your death as well, so you can keep popping them never have to worry about anything else. On the other hand, thankfully flasks have dropped in price reasonable, especially when Black Temple released and the new vendor flasks were added in Shattrath, on my server they're going for just about 25 gold. I high recommend you get a stack or two of those.

Finally, the last consumable I suggest you get before go to Northrend is healing and mana potions, basically those potions allow you to keep going infinitely, of course, if you chain popping them it will take a lot of golds, so here is a nice solution for you and that is the Star's Tear. You can buy it from Master Sergeant Biggins in Stormwind City and Brave Stonehide in Orgrimmar.

By the way make sure your bag is as empty as possible, you probably will get a lot of junks, make sure that you do not have to waste too many times on dropping them during your travelling.

Suggestion on Northrend:

Firstly, do not go to Northrend immediately even you have perfect, prepare from Outland. It is not a joke, because the daily quests in the Isle of Quel'danas could offer you experiences as much as the quests in Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord as well, and it is a large number you can not ignore. Dailies in Wow are designed to be done swift and easy, so I recommend you to do one round of the Quel'danas dailies till level 80, make sure you have better prepare in Northrend.

Now let's get to Northrend and talk about it, actually Northrend is harder to boost your level compared Outland with more quests, so I would like to talk about leveling methods, the mage farming used to be a good way in the past, but now, your options are solo questing and dungeon farming. For me, it seems like both are good choices equally as long as you do them efficiently, that means if you're gonna be questing solo and don't want to spend money for an addon, the in-game quest helper is also good, meanwhile dungeon quests will give you a huge amount of XP as well.

And of course, remember to use bank alts. Bank alts could basically allow you to have infinite bag space, something that you have no ideal if it's useful or not? send it to your bank alt; bags full of junk? put everything in your bank alt; even too many frostweave cloth that you don't want to throw away, use bank alt.

By the way, do not forget to grab Cold Weather Flying from Dalaran when you on level 77. Zones like the Sholazar Basin and the Storm Peaks are not designed to explore by walking, so remember to learn flying skill at 77. you can borrow a flying mount from NPC "Honest" Max in case you don't have enough golds, and this mount could get you go around for free until you disconnect.

That is about some guides, and suggestions for you guys need to attention in the WotLK prepatch, I hope everyone could prepare in advance before the WotLK release. One more extra thing, we all know that the golds play a significant role in WOW currency, but for the majority of the players, gold farming will take them a lot of energies and endurance. So here is the question, can we offer a better way to gaining golds than normal dailies? The answer is yes, in, we have a ton of WOTLK Classic Gold for sale on cheap price. You do not have to worry about the lack of golds anymore because we have fast delivery serve for any purchase, you can get your items less than 15mins after payments. The safety is also one of our advantages than other sellers, our professional gold farming teams and online serve could make sure that every step of trade is under the security. For the smooth adventures in WOTLK, there is no reason you have to wait, click the link and prepare perfectly for your new journey.

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