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Suggestion on Getting Golds before the Classic WotLK
Aug 24, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Can you believe that it is possible for you to get 10,000 gold per week before the Classic WOTLK while barely using the auction house and mostly just generating gold yourself, want know the secret? I think some of you guessed it by now: Dailies.

As I said in the intro, there's more than enough dailies in the game now to reach the 25 daily quests limit imposed by the game, so the question is, which ones should you choose to maximize profit? To answer this I made a list of all the dailies in the game along with how much gold they reward you.

The thing is, this list that I chose doesn't just involve doing the 25 dailies that reward the most gold, not only prioritized gold but also made sure to have an efficient route. As I said, you can do this on as many or as few characters as you want, if you have 3 characters which was netting you about 1400 gold per day for about 6 hours of questing per day. Of course you could also add more characters if you have more to spare time.

Firstly, you do need a fast flying skill and mount, it's a big investment to make of course but you'll be making that back in just 12 days of doing this, and having a fast flying mount isn't just for saving time but it's also necessary to do the Netherwing dailies, you simply can't unlock them without having the skill learned.

Secondly prepare your bags as large as you can have, and have enough teleportation items around Outland as well, the Blessed Medallion of Karabor is very necessary here. Meanwhile when you finish all the dailies from the list, you should notice the items like Netherweave Cloth, Marks of Sargeras, and most importantly, green pieces of gear that you'll definitely want to disenchant. You will be expected to make around 400 gold per character after doing this, the dailies could only net you about 300 gold, but you'll also get a ton of green items which could sell, and that is the biggest part of your daily gold gainning.

On the top of that, the most effective methods for gold gain must be buying golds in, the large number of the WOW WOTLK Classic Gold in MMOWTS will on sale in discounts when the WotLK releases. If you do not have enough time or energies for gold dailies, our professional team will solve all your issues. In MMOTS you can get the WOW WOTLK Gold in a reasonable price, additionally if you met any problems during the trade, you can also require refund and it is totally acceptable in MMOWTS. Meanwhile the safety could also be guaranteed through the purchase. Do not wait, click the link and place your order!

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