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Some Changes You Should know in Wrath of the Lich King Classic
Aug 25, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Hi folks, today I would like to show you some important changes in WOTLK Classic pre patch, you may heard some of them and those tips will help you have a better adventure in WOTLK

The barbershop is a new thing where you can customize your character's appearance, and this can be your face, hairstyle, hair color, earrings and even your skin color. You can also have the opportunity to change your gender. If you tired to play as a female character, you can trans to male through this.

In the interface options you can go to features, and here you will find equipment manager. This is a new thing where you can customize the gear that you would like to equip, so you can save your current equip gear as first set, and you can also equip some odd items and save as a second set. It is so useful when you have a lot of gears for different specializations.

You might have tried this before, you accidentally pick a talent, and now you don't have to worry about this any longer because in the interface menu you can choose preview talent changes. You can customize your talent tree and if you make a mistake, just press the reset button and it will take you back.

Warlocks can now spawn a summoning stone and this can be used by all the team members, you can even summon people into your dungeon on raid, so you no longer need to run out of the dungeon before you can get them to your location.

The experience you need between level 60 to 70 has been reduced by a high amount, in Burning Crusade you had to get 490,000 experience to reach level 61, in Wrath of the Lich King it only need 290,000.

Heirloom will also be introduced, this is also known as leveling items, players can upgrade their heirlooms to be effective for more levels, and to make copies of the heirlooms to use on a character. The good thing is that these are bind on account so you can send them to another character you would like to level, you can even send them to another faction.

New flight masters has also been introduced into the game, and this will be helpful for those of you that plan to level a character on one of the upcoming fresh wrath of the Lich king servers.

If you die on one of your characters, you will no longer need to spend much times corpse running. The reason for this is that the running speed as a ghost form has been increased.

A flask would usually last for two hours, but now it's only going to be one hour.

As a druid you will now benefit from all the different weapon enchants, for example be executioner, crusader or maybe even mongoose. So when you attack in different forms, you will have a chance to experience these enchants.

Leveling First Aid will be so much easier, you do not need to do a quest or get the different manuals, and first aid books all of these things, you can now just learn directly at the First Aid Trainer.

The cooldown on your Hearthstone has been reduced. It used to be 60 minutes, but now it's only 30 minutes.

As a druid you can learn a new weapon skill which is Polearm.

As a rogue you can also learn a new weapon skill this is going to be One-handed Axis.

As a paladin you will no longer need to do a long quest chain to unlock your epic riding mount, this is also going to be the same case with another class, the Warlock. In fact there's been many changes to mounts, normal ground mount only requires you to be level 20, and epic ground mount is now level 40, meanwhile the price for these has also been reduced.

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