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The Most Valued Base Items in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder
Aug 25, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

In Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder, the gray and white items in drops sometimes would be ignored by players, but actually the some part of them also have potential becoming valuable. Today I would like to introduce some valued base stuff, if you get some of them during the drops, it is high possible that you could become wealthy by trading them.

The first one we have a Superior Sacred Armor with 15% Enhanced Damage (ED) and it should have four sockets. This base could be used for building a Fortitude armor for the mercenary and the price is about 60 dollars. But the armor price is usually unstable, so when checking prices, also check out present trades.

The second one is Superior Grand Matron Bow which can roll 15% ED, plus three attack rating, plus three bow skills and four sockets. This base is for a Faith bow, and the price could reach unbelievable 300 dollars nearly. But there is still a great gap between perfect and near perfect, you are an absolutely luck guy if get the perfect one in your drops. 

The Superior Berserker Axe with 15% ED and 5 sockets can be used for building Death, the price is over 100 dollars via the some individual sellers.

The Superior Giant Thresher with 15 percent ED and four sockets also has some nice trading value, it's a perfect base for Infinity. Personally I suggest that you could check the price of Infinity first, because the needs of Giant Thresher always over control. On the other hand, a good base GT is also one of the most easy selling items, you can have a really quick money buy trading it.

A Vortex Shield is a very rare drop, especially when rolling 45 percent to all resistances. It is still valuable and does not matter if it has four sockets or none. There are always some people need the perfect one to build a perfect Exile Shield,so as long as you can drop the Vortex Shield, just trading it without hesitating if you do not need it.

All the price data above comes from the, one of the most famous D2R trade websites. Because of the updates and builds reputation changes, the price of those base items also on fluctuation. The main point is if you could trade them in a proper timing in the best price, so in MMOWTS, we have a professional trade system, whether you want to sell or buy D2R Ladder Items, it is guaranteed that our website has the most reasonable price. Moreover, the safety is also taking the first place in our serves, which means you do not have to worry about your private inform security through the purchase. So do not just watch anymore, buy now!

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