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Spirit Summons Recommendation for the Beginners in Elden Ring
Aug 25, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

It is a common situation that most of players was killed by different enemies and have no idea how to fight back in Elden Ring, so if you want to finish your adventure just by yourself, it is extremely hard in this game. Thanks for Miyazaki Hidetaka, in we could have a strong partner, spirit summon. Today I would like to introduce some powerful summons easy to get, let’s check it out.

The radon soldier ashes

The more the merrier when it comes to spirit summons, and here we have two of radon's best military men at your service, they don't waste any time and immediately start whacking dudes with their Light-sabers. i know they aren't that strong compared to the other summons on this list, but when it comes to fighting a boss who is weak to fire damage, they really shine that is their specialty.

The mausoleum soldier ashes

Individually they're not all that special but you can summon up six of them, six beautiful soldiers with shields and swords and axes that swarm your enemy, and deal tons of damage. even by themselves they can almost kill a boss, so if you have them as support in a real battle, it'll be your crew smash your enemies, these dudes obviously not the best at ranged but they excel at close combat against a small to medium-sized boss.

Redmane knight

A well-rounded warrior extremely strong, he deals heavy damage with his huge gravity bow, and heavy great-sword, plus he's got a shield and actually uses it to block attacks, so he has a solid defense, strong melee attack, and can whip out a bow for long range.


Personally I freaking love this dude, i don't know why but this thing is almost invincible in most situations. If you ever fought one before you must know they really don't take damage from anything other than blunt type weapon attacks, and for me i just want my summon to take some aggro, watch my back and distract the enemy, it's the perfect bodyguard just like he is Robin and i am Batman. But it doesn't deal a ton of damage, the most of time it works for defense support and taking aggro.

Besides the introductions of spirit summons above, there are also some powerful summons you can use in your adventure. Actually the rune also plays an important role in the game, so get a large number of Elden Ring Runes is also a good method to against the powerful enemies. For most of players them do not have too many times on Rune farming, thus the is your best choice for gaining rune. The professional rune farming team could provide any number of rune you need after payments. On the other hand, our website also have more reasonable price than other sellers. The 24/7 online serves could solve your problems anytime, meanwhile you do have to worry about the security problems, we promise would never ask you any extra unnecessary private inform, and the trade process would never cause any issues on your game account. So do not wait in front of the screen, buy more runes now!

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