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The Powerful DPS Class in the WOTLK Classic: Death Knight
Aug 26, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As one of the most famous classes in WOTLK Classic, Death Knight attract a lot of players by their well designed skills and mechanisms. In fact not only the good looking outfits, DK is also one of the most powerful DPS classes in WOTLK that I highly recommend you to try.

The Death Knight, what I actually want to discuss today are Frost and Dual Wield Unholy specs. Frost DK is definitely easier to learn than Unholy DK, it is a really fun spec. On top of that Dual Wield Unholy is an amazing spec. The reasons why I recommend death knights are their absolutely massive AOE and single target sustained damage. The Frost DK is like an old-school fury warrior carrying a lot of buffs, and just rushing in the crowd, destroying everything with higher AOE. With skills like Howling Blast and Pestilence to spread Diseases, Frost DK have amazing AOE damage though their AOE sustain is less than unholy DK. But Frost DK has a strong reliant on proces, if you could get those procs, you will be able to destroy things before anyone else in your team.

Unholy DK on the other hand is looking insanely strong, but most of the time that's because people are using the bugs which can deal huge unbelievable amounts of damage. On the beta test lots of people have used Icy Touch Sigil bug. Additionally, there is another bug that one death rune can be used as three runes together at one time, those bugs increasing the overall damage of Unholy DK insanely. But even without this sigil, unholy DK can still deal a huge burst damage on any boss fights. I high recommend you not use those bugs too many times just in case your personal account would be banned some day.

Moreover, gears could also give you a huge improvement on your DPS, but how and where? Actually the enough WOTLK Classic Gold could help you a lot in your adventure. For the majority of people it is hard to farming golds every day in the WOTLK, from this aspect MMOWTS would be your best assistant. In you can find cheaper price of WOTLK Classic Gold compare others. Beside, we also provide the refund serves if you met any issues during your purchase. Significantly our reputation is always under the high rates from a large number of reviews. You can check any items your want in anytime, if you have some problems you can just ask our online severs and we will reply you as soon as possible. For the new adventures and experiences, clicking the link and come here to buy!

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