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Something You Need to Know before Pulling Yae Miko in Genshin Impact
Nov 14, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Yae Miko is finally going to have a return! It has been quite a while around 10 months as her first release, congratulation to those of you who wants her, because you do not have to wait for a whole year before you could get her again. Now apart from those who have really decided to go for Yae Miko, I know that there's still many of us out there who is wondering whether or not she's still a worth it character and how good she is performing after Dendro realeased.

Something You Need to Know before Pulling Yae Miko in Genshin Impact536

So we'll dive deep into Yay Miko's pros and cons, so that you kind of have a deep understanding of her gameplay. Me as a Yae Miko's pro, she is a character that actually focus most on her E skill, in that everything within her hit direct toward increasing her E skill damage, therefore whenever you're focused on utilizing all of this and then focus on to building her E skill, she will be able to have the potential to deal very high ease go damage.

She's also one of the meta characters that is very easy to play, you just have to set her up with her E skill then switch her out to leave her skill do the work for around 14 seconds, which is a pretty decent time now unlike many other sub dps's where there is a certain requirement in order to trigger that or feel damage, like a nahida which you have to do a reaction damage in order for her skill to trigger. Yae Miko is just gonna leave her totem there, and she can work as DPS exceptionally well especially when you're up against AOE situation or in group battle, because her totem will be able to deal with multiple enemy enemies at the same time, as it won't be focusing on one enemy at a time.

But it may be a good thing or a bad thing as well, depending on how you see it, it would be a bad thing if you're wanting to focus on one enemy at a time, but either way as long as you are in an AOE situation, you can be sure that the totem most of the time will take care of enemies that is outside your range so that you don't really have to chase them down. If you don't have a character like Venti on the team, Yay Miko works well in almost every single team that you can think of, she's got most of the time you only need to slot her on the team and then just leave her that deal or feel damage.

Furthermore for those of you who love for the character, she has one of the best character animation in the game, from a normal attack to her E skill showing a bit for foxtail, and then finally her burst is just absolutely gorgeous, I just fell in love with her.

Literally all of my team runs now moving on to some of the downside of Yae Miko, there are actually two of the biggest downside that I want to talk about, first off is Yae Miko's downside that the I considered to be one of the worst which is that Yay Miko's E skill takes a long time to be on field, which makes her to be a bad character to run with? I would say nope, that's totally down to your thinking now unless you're someone trying to clear the abyss under 10 seconds. Most of the time it doesn't affect anything, but it isn't enjoyable experience especially for me who love to see Yae Miko in action and believe using her E skill is a really pleasant all the time, since she looks really cute doing so. Then the second biggest downside that Yae Miko has is major energy issue, which is a hundred percent true Yae Miko will have energy issue unless you're running her as a full build burst damage sets, like over 200 energy recharge.

Generally speaking, Yae Miko is still worth pulling for your team, do not miss this banner or you can buy Genshin Impact Accounts included Yae Miko as well.

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