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Valheim releases patch 0.208.1
Apr 14, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Valheim's advantages of small game capacity, low threshold, and freedom of play have attracted many players. Since the launch of the demo version last year, developer Iron Gate Studio has been continuously paying attention to the feedback of players, to continuously improve the game level for players. Bringing a more shocking gaming experience, on April 11, we once again ushered in a new update of Valheim.

In the newly released 0.208.1 patch, the game makers first fixed bugs such as trolls sometimes not staggering correctly, total inaccurate amounts of coal in smelters, and inability to reach tombstones in swamp trees.

It is worth noting that after this update, the "resetsharedmap" command has been added to the console, and the overall development command has also been improved. An issue where players accidentally purchased an item twice in the store has also been fixed. On the game screen, the bug that some items were not covered by snow, which was criticized by players before, was also fixed in patch 0.208.1.

The content of this update will not have much capacity, and players can download it with confidence.

In general, this update has not brought any major changes to the game content, but we can see that the game technicians attach great importance to the needs of players and improve the details to bring us a smoother game experience. If that's what you're after, be sure to join this update. In addition, if you need it, MMOWTS can provide you with cheap Valheim Items at any time, and we will complete your order with extremely fast transaction speed. Welcome to MMOWTS for more information!

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