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Why do players want to play Hard mode in Lost Ark?
Feb 22, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Lost Ark features a plethora of ways to vertically boost your character's power, from equipment upgrades and skill levels to the ability to minimize the Faceted Power Stone. With all of these powers at the player's disposal, some may start to wonder where Lost Ark's skill cap is and where is the difficulty of finding the right skill level for a character.

Fortunately, some locations, notably the instanced dungeon raids, offer optional Hard modes for players and up to three friends looking for more of a challenge to the MMO isometric dungeon crawling.

What is Hard mode and how do players find it?

Before entering a dungeon, and even before entering the matchmaking menu required to create a dungeon raiding party, players will see a dungeon overview showing its potential loot and recommended item levels for the player's total gear of interest. In the upper right corner of this one, however, there are three square buttons on the menu, each with the helmet's logo. The first two are labeled "Normal" and "Hard", but the third option will be unlocked later.

When checked, options marked "Hard" create a statistically harder game of the same dungeon, including higher levels of extra enemies, health pools, and damage output. While the difficulty of a dungeon may increase in this way, its recommended item level will not change. This means that as long as they've built up their character's skills for PvE and Bossing purposes, they won't be overwhelmed by the expected gear in a dungeon.

Why do players want to play Hard mode?

Similar to choosing to buy LOST ARK GOLD at MMOWTS to improve yourself after comparing the security discounts, etc., when players view the dungeon overview page, although the recommended item level does not change between difficulties, the rarity of the potential rewards And strength will vary, and Hard mode drops are especially valuable for a character's early game development. So everyone chooses to play hard mode, and everyone also chooses MMOWTS.

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