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Finally! An ACNH Player Puts Redd In Jail
Feb 23, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Recently, an ACNH player sent Jolly Redd where he should be - prison. This also caused discussion among players, so MMOWTS will introduce this new event.

Jolly Redd is a sly fox who appeared in Animal Crossing and most recently in the ACNH 1.2 update. In New Horizons, Redd and his "Treasure Trawler" boat will dock on your island if you can sell enough items to the Blathers' museum.

Once Jolly Redd is on your island, you can buy works of art from this fox and donate them to Blathers' museum. Note that Blathers is hard to please as he only accepts genuine artworks, and Redd is not a reliable seller as he sells several fake artworks in ACNH. Thankfully, the fakes that Redd sells always have some kind of fairly obvious tell, and if you have discerning eyes, you can spot the real from the fake before buying.

Because of Redd's bad behavior, a player finally put him in jail. An ACNH named Accomplished-Play-98 shared this image on Reddit:

Redd is in jail, looking sad. And Tom Nook and Isabelle laugh at him.

For many players, it's frustrating to spend their hard-earned ACNH Bells on a fake, and because of this, he seems to be unpopular with most players. But there are also players who think that his unscrupulous behavior in order to make a living is also appreciated.

In any case, this scene is also very interesting. If there are new players sharing new gameplay, MMOTWS will also share it here in time to let you know. As for in-game items, you can also get them here, and cheap ACNH 2.0 Items are also available here, allowing you to get what you need faster.

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