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WOTLK Gold Farming Guide - Solo Stratholme By A Paladin
Sep 05, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Hello everyone, today I'm going to talk about how to solo Stratholme by a level 70 Paladin with green and blue items. And I'm going to tell you something you should do the moment you reach level 70 on the first server. In this run, I'm going to list everything that I find, so we can estimate the amount of raw WOW WOTLK Gold we can expect to make every single hour. But like I mentioned the gear that I use is a combination of green and blue items, and I even have no enchants. So if you have amazing gear and you're not playing on the first servers well, then you can pull a lot of enemies at the same time and make even more gold.

I always use my Hand of Reckoning when I need to pull the different enemies, the reason for this is because this spell does a little damage while it has a huge range. So it's an easy way for you to pull the enemies without having to run all the way to their location. Ever since blizzard implemented the dungeon boosting nerve, then every one minute the enemies will also start to stun you, so it's important that you use your cooldowns and do as much damage as possible to make sure you kill them before they start stunning you. Because when you're stunned you have no defense and then you will take a high amount of damage.

But that is not the specific reason I don't pull too many enemies. When I do this on a fresh level 70 character, because my defense skills and damage is already low, so by the time that you get even better Gear, Well then you can also pull more enemies at the same time and increase the gold that you make.

One thing we need to remember is that the enemies in Stratholme is under target, so because these aren't the targets, well then you can also use your Holy Breath. This will do a high amount of AOE damage but also stun the targets for 3 seconds. Also make sure to always use the retribution order and drop a consecration to do as much AOE damage as possible.

To make this farm even better, then you can also level up your engineering so you get the different grenades. These you can use to do even more AOE damage. On top of this, Engineering also allows you to craft a repair board, then you can repair your gear. You can also window all the different items in your bags, this will save you so much time when your inventory is full. You don't have to use your Hearthstone and render your items and repair your gear, and then go all the way back to the entrance. Instead, you can just do this right outside the instance - repair your gear, sell your items, and reset the dungeon in Stratholme.

You can also obtain the Stratholme Holy Water, this is a consumable you can use to do every damage to all under targets. You can find these in different crates inside the dungeon. Right here you can loot supply crates, and in this crate I get the Stratholme Holy Water. There will be a lot of these crates all over the dungeon, remember to loot them so you do even more every damage.

So now you're also ready to do the final pull, in this dungeon, or will at least the final pull that I always do before I reset the dungeon. When you get into this room, there will be a specific lead and this Elite will drop the key to the city. With this key you can unlock different gates and even enter the dungeon from the other side. Because in Stratholme, there's two different enters. What I always do when I do this pull is also to run into this building to line upside the different casters, you can also do this with different objects and walls in the dungeon.

Well, when you line upside the casters, you'll have to get close to you, and then you can easily take down all the enemies at the same time. Then I'll also use my judgment of light on the target with the most health. Because this target, I can then continue to hit and reach in a bit of Health. This dungeon feels so comfortable when you do this as a paladin, but you can also do it as a protection Warrior, a DK, and even a failed root. I just find this farming a lot more easy and enjoyable on a paladin, because of your Shield AOE damage and your holy breath, so you can stun all the enemies at the same time.

But right here I finished the dungeon and I've spent around 14 minutes. Now I also have the key to the city, so I can enter the dungeon from the second entrance. And when you enter the dungeon from this location, well then you just do it backwards.

So how much gold did I end up making by doing one of these runs? And how much can I expect to make every single hour? To find out, I listed everything and I made around 50 WOTLK Classic Gold in 14 minutes, this is also more than 200 raw gold every single hour. In my opinion, 200 raw gold is amazing for a low geared character.

To view the whole process, please take a look at this video:

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