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Wrath of the Lich King: Guides on Death Knight Specs
Sep 07, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Death Knight or commonly known as DK is always one the most popular characters in Wrath of Lich King, today I would like to talk about specs and why you can not miss them in the pre patch. DKs are versatile with three viable specs, Blood, Frost and Unholy. Few more other which are less viable in majority of Wrath of Lich King, like Blood dps or Unholy tank.

Blood DK tank will be strong always, the amount of Strikes, self-healing and struggleability abilities it has is massive, plus Hysteria buff for some melee friendly units. However, without the ability to block, Blood DK has to rely on dodge, parry and even health pool. So closer to the end of the Expansion, it just takes over some traditional tanking class place like Warrior.

Frost and Unholy DKs as dps are similar, but depending on the player's preferred play style it can differ, just like you can play one-hander drums or you can bonk with a two-hander. First usually Frost is prevalent on a single fight, whereas Unholy will do decently on a single target and mass damage in aoe pools. Out of raid utilities DKs do bring different stuff on the table, such as melee haste, increase spell damage and attack power with each spec respectively.

Leveling a DK is a piece of cake actually, just by going through the dead knight campaign and finishing all quests, there you get a nice set of greens and blues that will carry your through the entire Outland almost. Loads of damage and self-healing help you to level both this tank or dps, since dungeon fighter will be sweet for tank leveling through instances, which I do recommend if you want to pursue blood tanking as it's awesome practice.

Do I see a lot of players playing the Death Knights from day one? Yes definitely, new abilities, freaking Death Grip, both tanking and dps in specs, interesting abilities and rotation. Combined with the new resource system, runes and runic power offer, this will be the first priority class for players. General feeling of playing a DK is just nothing you have experienced in tbc so far, how overpowered it was and always has been willing give you the sense of playing the boss npc and not just the class. Anyway, regardless of your main class choosing, I suggest at least, make a DK and go through the campaign and try to level it. By that time you will either get hooked on or just go back to whatever class you enjoy more.

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