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Wrath of the Lich King: Why Warlock Could Be the Most Comprehensive DPS Class
Sep 09, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Which class is one of the most populated dps classes in Wrath of the Lich King? Of course it's Warlock, or at least it used to be in TBC since the majority of Rogues and Fury Warriors were pushed and refuged into pvp. Much like Hunters, Destro Warlocks were nerfed in order to make two other specs, Demonology Warlock and Affliction Warlock more viable, this went on to make the other two specs way more competitive, sometimes even overachieving what used to be especially towards the end of the Expansion.

Unlike Beast Mastery Hunter, Destro Warlocks’ dps performance is not bad from the start, but during the middle of expansion, Demonology Warlock with the good raid support will take over him for a while. Affliction Warlock got some love tho, and it just kept being good and getting better towards the end game because it has constant dps output when fight in executed phase. Meanwhile, Destro Warlock turns its burst dps towards pvp. In teams with Shaman for example, they can obliterate anyone in just a double tap.

Leveling spec doesn't matter that much, you can go with whichever you want, and it will do good both in open world questing and inside dungeon leveling. Will a lot of players play warlock? Most likely in case of the servers begin. Surely, Warlock could deal a lot of decent damage, but I think more people will go mage then back stay as warlock, and others will choose a different main, or pick up a new DK class for example.

General feeling of playing a warlock is like shifting from pure damage to support. Affliction Warlock gets interesting rotation, a lot of abilities including minion abilities, and replay style resembles a lot to Shadow Priests in TBC, Which further on means that not everyone will be a damage carrying. Like Affliction and Raid, Affliction somewhat easy rotation that relies on talent procs, but Raids usually want one parade, as it becomes more of a support class. Thus Warlock is still fun both in pve and pvp, but will lag just a little bit under some other classes on dps meters.

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