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Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder: Recommend Places for Farming High Runes
Sep 13, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

Hey folks, today let's talk about the highest rune found in Diablo 2 Resurrected Ladder so far and where it dropped. Before we starting, there are a couple of important notions I need to say before during the first month from release, and this caused some interesting results. For example, Boss farming is a typical early game action, it was mainly online, however you will see some offline entries too, meanwhile online play usually limits certain runes farming options.

Let's begin with the runes themselves, and here is a distribution of the highest rune found.

Number one, the Jah is more common than Ber, however it was found less often this can be resulted early on people farm areas that cannot drop Jah and indeed there are a lot of Ber runes dropped from Mephisto. But in the cow level or areas level 85, both runes are either the same or Jah was more common.

Number two, Sur and Lo supposed to have higher number of drops which can be attributed to people not mentioning it that much since it is a lesser value.

Therefore let's talk about the best areas where you can farm runes, here is the bar chart.

First let's check the Cows, of course the most common and easy place for people to farm early on. It is also popular among groups to go there early ladder for runes and bases, highest amount of runes found here are owned and followed by Jah and Ber.

Other category included bunch of random drops, and a lot of runes from Mephisto and Andariel which is also easily explainable, the amount of people farming those two early ladder, more kills equals more rune drops

Third area with high number of runes is Lower Kruast, this is largely offline players and I guess I don't need to explain this too much, Super Chest, Two camps, and just repeat.

Travincal, this one is easily explained as not starter friendly place to farm runes, it is quite challenging to deal with console members without basic gear.

Chaos Sanctuary this place is special due to higher density, nice seal packs and finger mages that have elevated rune drops. But once again, I wo

uld argue that it has not been farmed too much early on, especially solo. In a group you can do it quiet from the start, so it could highlight that data sample was coming from solo players mostly.

Pit and Ancient Tunnels while these are popular areas for magic finding, rune finding there is not the best, additionally it is more favored by offline players which are usually a minority.

Pindle, Eldritch and Shenk, these three are quite popular early on to level up and farm some gear. However, getting runes there is rather a lucky drop than a consistent reward for grinding.

Countess, she is an early farming target as her rune drop table goes up with the updates.

Arcane Sanctuary, surprisingly this area has very low results, I can attribute it to the fact that not so many people actually farm it. I've held this argument for quite a while that if people were farming Arcane Sanctuary as much as they farmed Chaos Sanctuary, therefore they will get a ton of runes drop.

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