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WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn Massive Gold With Alts? - 3 Goldmaking Methods
Sep 20, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Today we are going to discuss how to Goldmaking on Alts in WOW Classic Hardcore. This is a very helpful guide for anyone interested in making gold.

For Official Hardcore Servers, WOW Classic Hardcore Gold is an extremely valuable resource. Gold mining of any kind is incredibly valuable. Leveling up Alts is a very safe way to make money as long as you know how to level up safely.

Here, I will focus on 3 different goldmaking methods on Alts. This is mostly for limited supply items, but we’ll cover them all.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Earn Massive Gold With Alts?

Passive Goldmaking

Let’s start with Passive Goldmaking, which is going through Crafting Cooldowns and making gold from those cooldowns. The major way this works is that you have an item that has Crafting Cooldowns. You simply acquire a character who meets the level and skill requirements to craft the item. Then based on demand, people pay for that cooldown.

You can purchase materials from AH, then craft the item and place it on Auction House. Or you can simply advertise selling your cooldown in trade chat.

Arcanite Bar

To do this, you mainly look at three items. First, you can get Arcanite Bar through Alchemy transformation, which has a 2-day cooldown. Here, you can turn a Thorium Bar and an Arcane Crystal into Arcanite Bars. This is in fairly constant demand throughout the game.

WOW Classic Hardcore: How To Make Gold with Arcanite Bar?

Salt Shaker

You can also get Salt Shaker from Leatherworking, which has a 3-day cooldown and turns Deeprock Salt into Refined Deeprock Salt. It is further used to craft Cured Rugged Hide, which is used in many endgame leatherworking recipes and used in every content stage of the game. This one has a 3 day cooldown.


The last item is to make Mooncloth Craft through Tailoring, which can turn 2 pieces of Felcloth into 1 piece of Mooncloth, with a cooldown of 4 days. Mooncloth has baffling spikes in demand during certain content stages. Such as when people started farming to get Bloodvine Set from Zul’Gurub. We can also use it in Naxxramas handoffs to get Naxx Gear.

It is important to note that these crafts require a wide range of skills within these professions. This means you need to have an Alt level of 35 to get your Professions up to the skills required to craft these items. Reaching level 35 is certainly a significant time investment. But considering these are Hardcore Servers, I really think they’re probably pretty profitable and fun to upgrade!

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Profession Crafts

Next are other Profession Crafts. Here you can get really creative and mix and match your own crafts based on Trial and Error. Make some stuff, see what sells well, and then re-supply what sells well.

My best advice is to think outside the box and make and sell things that no one else is doing. Either way, I’ll share some of my best goldmakers that I think will apply to Hardcore as well.

First, we can make Bags through Tailoring. Personally, try selling a few Bags of various types and you can start making good profits very early on. Especially in Hardcore games, where people die and start over, bag space is important for every character.

WOW Classic Hardcore: The Best Profession Crafts For Gold

You can also create Elixirs and Flasks through Alchemy. The nice thing here is that most Alchemy recipes are actually bound to the equipment. This way you can loot them on your primary site, then send them to your backup site and learn them.

Personally, I’ve noticed that the prices of Elixirs and Flasks always increase significantly as people get into raids and the weekly resets occur. So if you can pick up some cheap herbs during the week, whip out some Elixirs and Flasks on Tuesday or Wednesday. You can earn some pretty baffling amounts of gold.

Vendor Flips

Next, we have some Vendor Flips. It’s worth mentioning that most profitable Vendor Flips occur in higher-level areas. So in this case you can use skip logout to your advantage if possible, or you can even let Warlock summon you.

Among them, I think the most profitable vendors are Winterspring’s Mistweaver Xia and Xizzer Fizzbolt. These two vendors sell highly profitable Tailoring and Engineering Recipes. And they’re often very competitive.

In some cases, these recipes sell for as much as 100 gold coins. So here are some gold coins that are very easy to make. If you want to park an Alt here, you might want to get a Warlock Summon, since it’s pretty much a level 55+ area.

WOW Classic Hardcore: Vendor Flips

Alternatively, Deneb Walker in Arathi Highlands sells First Aid Manuals, which you can resell on the auction house for a markup. Many people easily pay extra for these manuals so that they don’t have to travel all the way to Arathi Highlands to collect them.

Having Alts in WOW Classic Hardcore can actually be a gold mine. But as I just said, upgrading takes time. However, the longer these servers are used, the more profit you make from the time spent upgrading. Because you put in the work once and you’re permanently rewarded, the sooner you level up your Alts, the more gold you’ll get for your time.

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