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Lost Ark: How To Build Your Full Moon Soul Eater? - Detailed Build, Engraving & Preference
Sep 21, 2023

Source: MMOWTS

Here, I’d like to introduce Lost Ark’s newly released Soul Eater class and detail her build, skills, and preferences.

Because Lost Ark hasn’t released Soul Eater globally yet, and the course they have released it not long ago. So some composition, engraving, combat stat settings may change in the future. So, check out this guide with these considerations in mind and use this guide as a reference on your journey to Lost Ark.


Soul Eater is a newly released class on a Korean server on July 19, 2023. Because the course was released so recently, most of her skill building is now being worked on.

As you know, there are two types of her identity. We can use Soul Stones when using purple skills. The possession meter below is more like the transformation of Soul Eater. Technically, it’s more like Slayer Burst Mode, and a bit of Igniter Sorceress Magick Amplification meter.

This increases the damage of Soul Stones while active. But unlike Igniter Sorceress and Slayer, it increases the overall damage of the skill. Soul Eater identity activation only enhances purple skills.

Lost Ark: How To Build Your Full Moon Soul Eater?

Class Engraving

Class Engraving I want to introduce here is Executioner of Full Moon Engraving. As I mentioned in the basics section, this Class Engraving is more like using a possession meter merely.

Executioner of Full Moon will increase Soul Eater’s critical hit rate, and the purple skill will also increase when the identity is activated. Of course, when possession is active, it will reduce the cooldown of purple skills.

However, unlike Sorceress Magick Amplification, which only reduces the cooldown, Soul Eater Possession refreshes the entire purple skill’s cooldown and fills up the entire Soul Stones. Compared to Igniter, Igniter can pour skills more freely than Full Moon Soul Eater.

Lost Ark: Soul Eater Executioner of Full Moon Guide - Build Planner, Skill, Tripod & Gem

Combat Stat & Engraving

As you might expect, her main combat stat is Specialization. With critical properties, it has great synergy with Keen Blunt Weapon and Hallucination set. Therefore, you can use this identity at any time.

Personally, I think these three Engravings are relatively stable to use, Grudge, Keen Blunt Weapon, and her Class Engraving. You can also choose to use Adrenaline, Cursed Doll, Hit Masters and Raid Captain. And when paired with support, she can also be fully effective with Raid Captain.

In Nightmare setting, the skill rotation can be a little simpler than Hallucination setting because you need to wait for Nightmare buff. But this means you have to wait for Nightmare buff to turn on and activate Reaper form.

To be honest, I think Nightmare build is pretty mainstream right now and the best representation of Full Moon Soul Eater build. But you’ll need to put more Lost Ark Gold into your skill set and rotation before she can show you her full DPS performance.

Lost Ark: Combat Engravings Guide - Raid Captain

Pros & Cons

Unlike other classes, where overall damage depends on status, Soul Eater has more freedom. She can more freely execute her identity during her skill cycle.

And I think Soul Eater’s design is also very balanced. I mean, it’s no more OP than the first Slayer released. And unlike Soul Eater’s complex explanation, Slayer’s structure is fairly easy to understand. Beginners can use her skills with great ease.

Also, cost is another issue for Soul Eater. Of course, it’s come down a lot now, but if you’re going to go straight to the ancient engraving setting, this might put some weight on you. But I still think that Soul Eater is a very popular profession among current players.

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Skill Composition

Soul Eater’s skills can be classified by color, blue and purple. And the function or effect of color is quite fixed. The blue skill is Dead skill. Dead’s skills are often used as a source of identity. The purple skills or pink skills are all Reaper skills.

Just like other Specialization build classes that have some specific skills that provide identity, Soul Eater blue skills serve that role throughout the experience.

Lost Ark: Soul Eater skill showcase


Like we mentioned before, Soul Eater's movement speed is pretty good. She can gain full effectiveness from Raid Captain Engraving. Because of the short cooldown, she can almost maintain the movement speed buff even with the level 7 Crimson gem.

Plus, I think her mechanics are valuable. The mechanics are quite a plus for the actual game. She easily handles her abilities and rotation throughout the actual raid.


That’s it for this guide. Hope this guide is a little helpful on your journey to Lost Ark and have good luck with your Soul Eater! Have a great day!

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