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WOW Classic SOD: The Best Routes To Quickly Increase Waylaid Supplies Reputation! - Alliance And Horde
Jan 25, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

In today’s guide, I’m showing you Alliance and Horde routes that should help you level up Waylaid Supplies Reputation quickly so you’re ready for Phase 2, which launches in two weeks.

With Phase 2 just around the corner, now is a good time to wrap up your Phase 1 to-do list. Improving Waylaid Supplies Reputation is one of them. The guide is divided into two parts: Neutral to Friendly and Friendly to Honored.

WOW Classic SOD: The Best Routes To Quickly Increase Waylaid Supplies Reputation! - Alliance And Horde


As we all know, currently in Friendly, each class has a rune locked behind this reputation. However, the highest reputation level in Phase 1 is Honored. Now I think it’s safe to say that assuming this reputation will play some role in Phase 2, now is the best time to maximize reputation. While there’s little to do, it’s a great idea to spend your time.

Although in WoW Season of Discovery I’m almost strictly a Horde player. But I will show the routes for both factions on the screen. This farm is very straightforward and should be easy to follow.

If you’ve played Season of Discovery, you probably already know that arguably the best way to earn Waylaid Supplies Reputation is by picking up chests. Apparently, you can also get tons of Waylaid Supplies by killing mobs.

But the best way to get Waylaid Supplies quickly before reaching Friendly is to loot chests. Because the probability of getting supplies from treasure chests is much higher than the probability of getting supplies from mobs. So be sure to take advantage of the different levels of Waylaid Supplies.

WOW Classic SOD: How to Farm Waylaid Supplies Until Honored?

How To Farm Waylaid Supplies Until Friendly?

We’ll start with the easier items, let’s get into Friendly, and then move on to the more expensive items.

Keep in mind that you can turn in Waylaid Supplies without filling them, then you’ll gain a fairly low reputation. If you don’t want to waste your hard-earned WOW Classic SOD Gold or something similar, you definitely don’t need to do this.

Until you reach Friendly reputation level, you can farm item level 10 Waylaid Supplies in the starting area. Incomplete supplies will give you 100 reputation points. Upon completion, some supplies provide 300 reputation and some provide 450 reputation. These are things that are considered easy to fill on the screen.

WOW Classic SOD: Neutral to Friendly Horde Routes

Now I will provide routes for Alliance and Horde. You just follow these routes, killing mobs and looting chests until you get Waylaid Supplies.

The very annoying part is that Waylaid Supplies in SoD are unique, so you can only carry one supply at a time. Once you find a supply, you must deliver it before you can collect the next supply. This includes your bank, which means you can’t fill up your bank with Waylaid Supplies and then turn them all in at once.

WOW Classic SOD: Neutral to Friendly Alliance Routes

However, you can carry multiple Supply Shipments. This method can overcome this problem to a certain extent. You can pack as many Supply Shipments as you want in your bag. So in theory you could fill your bag with base materials like Brilliant Smallfish, Light Leather and Rough Stone. Maybe you’ll get lucky with supplies.

So it might be a little difficult to plan ahead, but if you get these types of supplies, it might be faster, and cheaper, to remove them from your inventory and continue farming smaller supplies that require the items. You can save before venturing out.

How To Farm Waylaid Supplies Until Honored?

Now let’s move on to the second part of this guide, which is from Friendly to Honored. This section is more of a mob grind than a scavenger hunt, like the previous sections.

Once you reach Friendly status, you will need to farm Waylaid Supplies at item level 25 to reach the next reputation level. Incomplete supplies will give you 200 reputation. Upon completion, some supplies provide 500 reputation, some provide 650 reputation, and some provide 800 reputation.

WOW Classic SOD: Friendly to Honored Horde Routes

However, the filling cost of these is much higher than others. I’m going to show Alliance and Horde’s farm route on the screen.

Now what you need to do is pretty much exactly the same as you did in the previous section. You just need to grind away the mobs and loot the chests you come across. However, like I said, the mob grind is main and the focus of this section.

WOW Classic SOD: Friendly to Honored Alliance Routes


Running this route should get you from Neutral to Honored the fastest way. You’ll need to spend some Classic SoD gold to do it the fastest way, since most people know that fast usually means expensive.

But we have relevant gold farming guides that you should follow and you should have plenty of gold to spend. So this shouldn’t be a problem. As always, enjoy the great content!

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