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EA FC 24: 10 Best PlayStyles To Help You Win Games Faster!
Jan 23, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

The introduction of PlayStyles has had an incredible impact on EA Sports FC 24 and is arguably one of the biggest improvements to the game. PlayStyles replace Traits from previous FIFA entries and give each player on the pitch a unique talent.

Whether defending expertly with Anticipate PlayStyle+ or getting out of defense with Rapid, the best PlayStyles can stop forwards and create goals. Some Top-tier FC 24 player cards perform well because of their PlayStyle. In this guide, I will introduce the 10 best PlayStyles in EA FC 24 that are definitely worth trying.

EA FC 24: 10 Best PlayStyles To Help You Win Games Faster!

1. Dead Ball

Dead Ball is a great tool for perfecting Free Kicks in EA FC 24, and it even improves Corner Kick quality. Visually, the extended guideline helps determine where and how the kick will travel, increasing the chance of a goal.

From a performance perspective, Free Kicks’ arc, accuracy and speed will improve your chances of getting the ball to the target player or away from the goalkeeper.

While PlayStyle itself is great, spending FC 24 Coins to increase a player’s Free Kick Accuracy is essential to ensure they can take full advantage of Dead Ball.

2. Intercept

Intercept PlayStyle is a bit underwhelming, especially considering there is currently another defensive option that is better than it. But Intercept’s increased reach and improved chances of retaining possession are still very useful. Because without intercept, the ball will tend to bounce back to the attacker.

Intercept is particularly useful for full-backs like Philipp Lahm and Joao Cancelo. Because you can take risks with them on the wings to stop crosses or try to cut inside. You can also move a player with this style of play to the centre-back position.

3. Rapid

Because of Rapid’s two-pronged effect, Rapid beats out Quick Step as the current PlayStyle based on superior speed.

Rapid improves a player’s dribbling speed while also reducing the chance of errors when hitting the ball, allowing for more impact in situations where you might be caught by a defender.

Kylian Mbappe’s 93-rated Player of the Month card benefits greatly from Rapid, especially since his acceleration is already quite high. Besides Mbappe, other top Ultimate Team forwards, such as Eusebio, also have this PlayStyle.

4. Finesse Shot

Finesse Shot was once considered the best PlayStyle in EA Sports FC 24, but Title Update #6 has reduced the accuracy of Finesse Shot for players who own PlayStyle.

Several cards with Finesse Shot PlayStyle+ used to be expensive. But now cards like Heung Min Son and Alex Morgan are now available for cheap.

It’s not useless after the nerf, it’s just that you’ll no longer be able to make accurate shots at distances of 30 yards or more.

Still, you’ll notice significantly faster and more accurate Finesse Shots with players adopting this PlayStyle, and it’s still one of the most popular options.

How to do a finesse shot in FC 24?

5. Whipped Pass

Whipped Pass is another excellent option for fullbacks. Professional-level cards like Selma Bacha have this PlayStyle.

It’s important to note that crossing is a delicate maneuver, as it’s easy to send the pass too close to the goalkeeper if you don’t get the angle right.

However, Whipped Pass can reduce this large margin of error, improving accuracy, curve and distance traveled to ensure you avoid the ball being picked out by the goalkeeper.

6. Trivela

Trivela may take some time to master, but this PlayStyle makes it easier than ever to ensure you get the right curve when passing and shooting.

Trivela now has the highest percentage of goal-scoring methods in online play. Goalkeepers were often stuck in clunky animations as AI tried to react to shots. If you like the meta option, it might be time to swap your Finesse Shot for Trivela.

How To Do Trivela Shot In FC 24? - Full Guide

7. Long Ball Pass

Long Ball Pass is probably the most underrated PlayStyle in EA FC 24, because with the popularity of Finesse Shot, its advantages aren’t that bright. Now that these have been nerfed, Long Ball Pass becomes even more necessary for breaking down defenses.

PlayStyle+ is great because it delivers your through balls with maximum speed and accuracy, making them difficult to intercept.

Currently, Long Ball Pass remains one of the rarest PlayStyles available to high-level players. This suggests that the developers may have realized that assigning this PlayStyle to too many cards would be too powerful.

8. Power Shot

Power Shot has replaced Finesse Shot as the most versatile way to score goals, as this option is deadly both inside and outside the box.

Power Shots’ biggest weakness is undoubtedly the lengthy cut-scenes, but PlayStyle+ significantly reduces animation times while increasing the rate of fire.

Power Shot out of the box is one of the most dangerous weapons in your arsenal, as goalies often have a hard time judging the dip and curve of such shots.

EA FC 24: Power Shot Plus PlayStyle Explained

9. Technical

Technical is a fascinating PlayStyle option because it often outperforms Quick Step and Rapid. Although technically, your maximum sprint speed isn’t as high as these options. However, the close control provided by Technical enables you to perform fast, precise moves and turns.

Because speed is predictable, but the drastic changes in direction that Technical offers are almost unpredictable. This also brings us to the best PlayStyles in EA FC 24.

10. Anticipate

If you are struggling to guard fast players with Technical PlayStyle, then Anticipate will be your savior.

Most of the best defenders in EA Sports FC 24 have either the base version or PlayStyle+ version of Anticipate.

If you’ve ever played against the duo of Laurent Blanc and Virgil Van Dijk, then you know how important Anticipate is.

As the name suggests, this PlayStyle lets your defender’s AI move based on the movement of your offensive linemen, letting you take over control when the computer is perfectly positioned to stop an attack.

How Does Every PlayStyle Work In FC 24?

Those are 10 PlayStyles you should definitely try in EA FC 24. Choosing the right PlayStyle for your players can help significantly increase your chances of scoring goals!

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