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Genshin Impact: How To Build Xianyun In The Best Way? - Skills, Weapons & Artifacts
Jan 18, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Welcome to my Xianyun or Cloud Retainer build guide. Xianyun is a 5-Star Anemo character that will most likely be added to Genshin Impact during 4.4. This guide will guide you on how to best build Xianyun. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Energy Recharge Requirements

Let’s first talk about Xianyun’s energy requirements. Xianyun’s energy consumption is 70. Her elemental skills provide approximately 4-5 points of energy per-use and have a 12-second cooldown. This means her energy production isn’t that great. So Xianyun needs quite a lot of energy recharge.

Typically, in a single Anemo team, you will need 200% or more ER, depending on the number of Favonius users in the team.

Also, using other Anemo characters can also reduce her energy requirements. In Triple Anemo Team with Xiao and C6 Faruzan, her energy requirements are extremely low, around 120%-130%.

Genshin Impact: How To Build Xianyun In The Best Way? - Skills, Weapons & Artifacts


For her equipment, Xianyun can increase the character’s jump height after using her burst, allowing them to perform plunge attacks.

Based on the number of enemies hit within 20 seconds, she increases critical hit chance to 10% and critical hit damage to 200% of Xianyun’s attack power. Damage increase is capped at 9000.

Also, she provides healing after using Burst. Her healing effects are similar to Jean’s. It starts with a large group-wide heal and then provides ongoing healing to the active character. This makes her a dominant character for Furina.

Although her initial healing effect is not as strong as Jean’s, Xianyun provides a more sustained healing effect, with her healing lasting 16 seconds. So the attributes Xianyun needs are energy recovery and attack%.

Genshin Impact: Xianyun Gameplay & Kit Explained!


Turning to her weapons, since Xianyun requires a lot of energy recharge, it is not recommended to use attack% weapons like Skyward Atlas or Memory of Dust.

Typically, you’ll want to use a weapon that provides energy recharge or both attack and energy recharge to meet her high energy needs.

Her Signature Weapon has high base attack power, attack% stat, and also provides her with energy.

Also, it increases the entire team’s plunge damage bonus by 28%. Of course, this is a powerful weapon for Xiao.

The look of this weapon is also stunning and unique. However, this weapon is not required to be drawn. It’s about a 10% upgrade compared to the free weapon, R5 Oathsworn Eye. This weapon provides 48% more energy and attack statistics, but is only available to players taking part in 2.6 Event.

This is another torture for players who joined after 2.6. I think they should build a store where players can purchase event weapons. Or repurchasing a Genshin Impact Account with these items is also a good option.

Anyway, keep going. Favonius weapon is also an amazing choice and is very close to Oathsworn Eye. So players who joined late don’t feel bad. Favonius will be your savior.

If your team has energy issues, Favonius may be a better choice than Oathsworn Eye. Oathsworn provides attack power and Favonius provides more energy. So it depends on your situation and which weapon your team uses.

Genshin Impact: Xianyun Weapons Tier List

Besides these weapons, you can use any weapon that provides an energy recharge. Like Wine and Song is a good choice as it provides both energy replenishment and attack%.

Hakushin Ring is also a powerful craftable option, especially for Electro team.

I wouldn’t just recommend an attack% weapon that doesn’t provide energy replenishment. However, if you have her C1, you can use them. Because Xianyun’s skills will gain extra charge. If her ability is used twice, it increases her energy particle generation.

Finally, Thrilling Tales is also a good choice if you don’t need to replenish energy.

In a team with multiple Anemo Characters, Skyward Atlas or Thrilling Tales become better choices than Oathsworn Eye. Because Xiao and C6 Faruzan will reduce Xianyun’s energy requirements, making the energy recharge stat less valuable.

Artifact Sets

Next, turn to her Artifact Sets. Since Xianyun is an Anemo character, you should have guessed which outfit she will choose. This is Viridescent Venerer.

This set of artifacts works great for most teams. Even in Hu Tao teams that aren’t Swirl Pyro, Viridescent can reduce enemy water resistance and increase your sub-DPS damage.

The same is true for Xiao. If you use a secondary DPS like Furina with him, Viridescent can significantly increase Furina’s off-field damage.

Alternatively, if your team cannot benefit from Viridescent Venerer Set, or if you don’t have 4 pieces to use on Xianyun, you can use Noblesse Oblige Set.

If you already have a Noblesse user on your team, you can also use the new Healing Set or Song of Days Past. Ocean-Hued Clam Set is also a good choice for some off-field damage. Or you can use a mixture of 2 piece sets to provide attack% and energy recharge.

Genshin Impact: Xianyun Artifact Sets - Viridescent Venerer

Artifact Stats

For her Artifact stats, you need to recharge her with the energy she needs and then focus on attacking.

Most of the time you’ll want to use Energy Recharge Sands to meet her high ER requirements. But if that’s enough, you can use Attack Sands, Attack on Goblet and Attack on Circlet.

For Artifact sub-stat, you need to energy recharge first, then provide attack%. If you use Favonius, you should look for some critical hit rate in the sub-stat, or you can use the crit rate circlet.

Finally, if you use Xianyun as a Taser team driver to deal some Swirl damage, you can build Elemental Mastery on Xianyun. But I think it’s wasted potential because she’s just the healing Sucrose of this team.

That’s my complete guide to Xianyun. Please tell me what your Xianyun build is. Looking forward to seeing you in the game!

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