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WOW Classic SOD: How To Earn More Gold With Alchemy In Phase 2 And Beyond?
Jan 16, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Hi everyone, today we are going to take a look at my guide to gold farming in Alchemy, and things to pay attention to in Phase 2. I’ll start with the basics, like recommended upgrade paths, current hot sellers, where to find your recipes, and the best times to buy and sell them.

Of course, after that we’ll look at what might happen in Phase 2 and how you can prepare for Phase 2.

WOW Classic SOD: How To Earn More Gold With Alchemy In Phase 2 And Beyond?

Leveling Alchemy

Then let’s level up Alchemy. You now need level 10 to level up Alchemy to the maximum level 150. In Phase 2, you can reach level 26 and upgrade Alchemy to level 225. But for now, we’re focusing on level 10 and trying to improve it over the next few weeks.

The first thing we do in Alchemy is always make a Minor Healing Potion. Thanks to Supply, any Minor Healing Potion you have can be sold for slightly more than cost. But it’s just a Copper, so don’t get too excited.

Next, you will continue to craft Lesser Healing Potions until level 110. It’s important to note that these potions are likely just being sold at a loss. So don’t get carried away and make too many.

Finally, remember to post any Minor Healing Potions you have left on Auction House. At this point, you can also recycle some WOW Classic SOD Gold.

Your next two crafts will be Healing Potion and Lesser Mana Potion, which you can craft all the way up to level 150. These are Supply box crafts. Because now both are available for sale and selling Lesser Mana Potion is profitable every time.

So maybe it’s possible to limit your Healing Potion crafting, depending on how your server looks. Because from what I’ve seen, it seems like not all of their Mana Potions are usually profitable. Sometimes you may see on your screen that TSM is still forecasting losses. I really don’t understand why this is happening and I will try to find out what is causing this to happen.

How To Make Gold with Alchemy as a Low Level in Classic WOW SOD?

Hot Sellers

Once your Alchemy leveling is complete, let’s take a look at some of your main crafts.

On reset day, the prices of the materials used to craft them will drop throughout the week, and the lowest prices for materials should occur earlier in the day.

We can see here that TSM actually gives us a handy market price percent indicator as we shop the day before the reset. So you should buy materials at less than 90%, and ideally less than 80%.

You can then sell later in the day at over 100%, and of course, ideally over 110%-120%. This will give you a very good advantage over the seller buying the material at the time.

So here are some Rage Potions currently available to you from hot sellers that are needed for Warrior and you can get the recipes at Bom’bay.

And it’s not too expensive to buy any Free Action Potion in the auction house. This is in limited supply in some cities, though, and it’s heavily camped out in Season of Discovery, making it so difficult to get that the markup on the auction house is high. And players will need them all season long. Therefore, you can sell them to earn a lot of SoD WoW Gold.

Shadow Protection Potions are in less demand these days, but they still sell well. You can buy these in Ashenvale or Hillsbrad Foothills.

You can also buy Fire Oil and Elixir of Greater Firepower from Auction House. Because it’s really cheap now and everyone is fishing now.

WOW Classic SOD Alchemy Recipe: Free Action Potion

Phase 2

Now officially entering Phase 2. In theory, Alchemy should be the only place to get these Silver Bars in Phase 2. While it’s in prime supply, it’s sure to be a premium item.

Let’s go along the lines of Iridescent Pearl. The materials required to create Philosopher’s Stone can be expensive. So you might consider giving up on this early in this phase. Anyway, depends on how liberal you are with gold now.

I predict that Frost Oil will be a very popular item in Phase 2. If you already have your recipe now, that’s great. If not, you can check out the supplier anytime during the week. It’s required for requested turn-ins in Badlands, but it’s also a good general-purpose consumable.

I still have some Wild Steelbloom that I plan to use to make Lesser Invisibility Potion. And Fadeleaf is also required for Lesser Invisibility Potion, but you can’t farm it right now.

Currently, I have about 3 gold per unit on my server, which I think is too high. But maybe by the time Phase 2 is released, its price will drop.

Get this done now to prepare for SoD Phase 2!

What I really like about Lesser Invisibility Potions is that they are great for missions, making it very easy to get in and get your mob out again. Plus, this is a really useful little potion if you want to perform some clever tactics again in dungeons.

That’s all for today. I hope you found this useful and, as always, picked up some tips.

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