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WOW Classic TBC Pre-patch: Tips For Earning Gold And Investment
May 21, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

The pre-patch of each WOW is very important, but the event of the TBC Classic seems to have received more attention. Since the release of the pre-patch, many players have been eager to search for relevant tips to earn gold, which helps to prepare for the release of TBC. MMOWTS has also prepared some useful tips to help you accumulate a large amount of TBC Classic Gold.

Profession is key

If you want to farm WOW Classic TBC Gold at a steady rate, then the profession is the key. At present, there is a great demand for mats, so you can refer to the following tips:

* Thorium Ore/Thorium Bar

Many materials need to be level up Blacksmithing is very valuable. The most popular ones are Thorium Ore and Thorium Bars. When the TBC starts, you can improve your Blacksmithing skill past 300 by crafting Enchanted Thorium Blades.

* Mithril Bar

This material is very useful for leveling up, not only for Blacksmithing and Engineering but also for the new Jewelcrafting profession.

* Illusion Dust

It is a good investment chance in TBC Classic Pre-patch, which can be used to upgrade Blacksmithing past 300. Illusion Dust can be used to upgrade Enchanting past 300 due to the recipe Enchant Bracer - Superior Stamina.

* Golden Sansam

Two TBC Classic recipes require it, so it is very useful. It is still very cheap at present, and its price is expected to rise substantially in TBC in the future.

* Righteous Orb

They are needed for Crusader enchantment and Naxxramas attunement. In TBC Pre-patch, there will be many boosted characters who will hit Naxx for the last time on high-end gear. It is expected that Righreous Orb will continue to maintain demand as a result.

* Netherweave Cloth

This is a high-risk, high-return way that allows you to get a considerable amount of WOW TBC Classic Gold. It is expected that the price for TBC expansion will be very high in the first one or two days, after which the price will fall sharply. So you need to sell them at the right time to get great profits.

It should be noted that the mobs around Karazhan are level 68-70, so you need to have a good attack level to kill them. The mobs have a small chance to drop TBC Rare and Epic BOE items.

* Elemental Water

Elemental Waters was always required by many crafting professions. In TBC, it will be more valuable, because it also needs to make Citrine Ring of Rapid Healing level up Jewelcrafting.

Pristine Black Diamond

Horde players can eventually become Paladins in TBC Classic by rolling a Blood Elf character. With Blood Elf Paladins will soon become one of the most popular combos of race/class in the game. The price of Pristine Black Diamonds will rise because Paladins needs these items to unlock the Epic ground mount. But as more and more players join the game, the price will start to drop.

Libram Of Fervor

Now there is a great demand for Libram Of Fervor. These items can drop from mobs and bosses, but the drop chance is very low.

But on the EU and NA, their prices fluctuate greatly, so you need to have enough patience before you can buy relatively cheap ones.

Totem of the Storm

Everything about Libram applies to this Totem. And its price fluctuates more.

Transmute Primal Might Recipe

In TBC, Primal Might needs to craft a variety of pieces of Epic gear, which can only be obtained through Transmutation by combining 5 other types of Primal elements. The recipe itself can only be purchased from one of the three merchants in the entire game, two of which have already been added in Pre-patch.

Dungeon Boosting

This is the traditional way of making gold in WOW Classic. Helping low-level characters complete quests is boring, so the best way is to boost them through dungeons. Ideally, you should go with 4 people who need to boost and charge each of them for the service.

Because everyone is now making full preparations for the arrival of TBC, so if you want to dominate faster, you can come to MMOWTS to buy TBC Classic Gold.

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