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WOW TBC Classic: Everything You Need To Know About Playing A Restoration Shaman
Jun 24, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Restoration Shaman can be said to be the best healer in The Burning Crusade. They are equipped with a very powerful and extensive toolkit, including powerful single target and AOE healing, and very strong utility in the form of totems.

Restoration Shaman PvE Talent Build

One of the easiest things about Resto Shaman is talent build. You almost can’t go wrong with it, because every Resto talent is powerful in PvE.

In fact, the standard build (0/5/56) puts most of its points in the Resto tree, increasing healing, practical strength, and mana regeneration.

GamePlay and Rotation

Resto Shaman's gameplay focuses on some key spells, as well as Totem management. Most of the time, you will want to put your totem at the beginning of the battle, then follow this Rotation:

* Cast Water SHIELD

* Cast Earth Shield on a Tank

* Cast Chain Heal Rank 4 or 5 WHEN a Party Member Is Damaged

* Use Nature's Swiftness with Healing Wave Rank 12 for a Burst Heal

* Use lesser Healing Wave IF A Quick heal is needed

This Rotation is very simple, just make sure your shield spell continues, and then use one of three different healing spells.


There are 23 different totems for Resto Shaman, many of which are useful, while others are based on some specific purposes. Here are specific details:

Earth Totems

* Strength: This is the totem you often use in the Earth slot. It can increase the melee DPS damage.

* Tremor Totem: This totem can break the fear, charm, and sleep mechanics.

* Earthbind Totem: It slows down the speed of nearby units, which will be useful in a pinch.

* Earth Elemental Totem: Summons an Earth Elemental that taunts units. You can use it when the tank is dead.

Fire Totems

* Frost Resistance Totem: It can increase Frost Resistance.

* Searing Totem: It can cause single target damage to the enemies.

* Fire Nova Totem: It will cause AOE damage and should be used to fight against a group of enemies.

* Fire Elemental Totem: Summons a Fire Elemental that can damage the enemies, you should use it in a long battle to maximize damage.

Air Totems

* Windfury Totem: It has the opportunity to attack twice. Top priority if in a team with a melee DPS.

* Wrath of Air Totem: It increases the spell damage and healing. Top Priority if in a group with caster DPS or healers.

* Nature Resistance Totem: It increases natural resistance and is useful in battles with nature damage.

Water Totems

* Mana Spring Totem: It will increase the mana regeneration and you should use it as much as possible.

* Mana Tide Totem: It provides a lot of mana regeneration, you should use it every time it’s off cooldown.

* Poison Cleansing Totem: It can remove poisons and is very useful in the battle with poison damage.

* Fire Resist Totem: It can increase Fire Resistance, useful in battle with flame injury.

Stat priority

1. Spell Healing

2. Mp5

3. Intellect

4. Spell Haste

5.Spell Critical Strike

Best Classes for Restoration Shaman

If you want the Resto Shaman to play a maximum role, two classes are good choices: Tailoring and Enchanting.

Tailoring allows you to make a lot of powerful items, like Primal MoonCloth and Whitemend Sets. At the same time, Enchanting provides the overall biggest stat boost, unique rings enchants offer a total of 40 additional healing.

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