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WOW TBC Classic: How To Play Destruction Warlock?
Jul 19, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

If you are looking for pure damage, Warlocks are one of the best options in TBC. This profession has three unique specializations, but the most powerful is Destruction, because it provides much more damage than Affliction and Demonology.

Except for some useful curses and consumables (Healthstone and Soulstone), your character usually will be to pump out a lot of damage with Destruction, which boils down to a few buttons. There is a unique element, Destruction can be played as Shadow or Fire.

Gameplay and rotation

Destruction Warlock rotation is very simple, you only need to use some spells, and you will use the same two buttons over and over again. What you need to do is:

* Use Fel Armor

* Use Demonic Sacrifice on your Succubus or Imp 

* Cast your assigned curse (or Curse of Elements if you’re the only Warlock)

* Maintain Immolate

* Cast Shadow Bolt or Incinerate

Stat Priority

* Spell Hit (up to 16%)

* Spell Haste 

* Spell Damage

* Spell Critical Strike

* Intellect

Best Destruction Warlock Gems

* Chaotic Skyfire Diamond

* Great Dawnstone 

* Veiled Noble Topaz

* Runed Living Ruby

* Glowing Nightseye


* Head - Glyph of Power

* Shoulder - Greater Inscription of Discipline

* Cloak - Enchant Cloak - Subtlety

* Chest - Enchant Chest - Exception Stats

* Bracers - Enchant Bracer - Spellpower

* Gloves - Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower

* Legs - Runic Spellthread

* Boots - Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed

* Weapon - Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost/ Enchant Weapon - Sunfire (Depending on if you prefer Shadow or Fire)

Best Destruction Warlock Professions

There are two excellent professions to choose from, which are Tailoring and Enchanting. Tailoring provides some of the best items in the early part of the game, the Spellstrike set, Shadow’s Embrace and Spellfire sets.

At the same time, the enchantment gives a solid stat boost because it allows you to gain 24 extra spell power, thanks to the unique ring enchants.

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