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WOW TBC Classic: Where The Dark Portal Is Located and How To Get There?

Source: MMOWTS

The second era of WOW has been released through The Burning Crusade, and now it is time for Horde and Alliance players to explore outside of Azeroth and head to Outlands. The journey through space requires a special mode of transportation, and you need to visit the Dark Portal to reach new zones.

In the Shadowlands era, you only need to visit the portal room from the capitals of the two factions, but when WOW TBC was first released, the situation was not so simple. This means that Classic players need to find the Dark Portal and get through it to reach Outlands and start new content. But depending on the player's starting point, this may be a difficult journey, but fortunately, there are some perfect and best routes to reach the portal.

The best path to the Dark Portal will vary depending on whether the player is a member of Horde or Alliance, so just follow the path that matches your loyalty.

How to get to Dark Portal?

For Horde players

* Travel to Orgrinnar

* Take the Zeppelin to Grom’gol

* Use the Grom’gol flight path to travel Stonard in the Swamp of Sorrows

* Mount up and start heading south into the Blasted Lands and keep heading south until the portal is in sight

For Alliance players

* Travel to Stormwind

* Fly from Stormwind to Nethergard in the Blasted Lands

* Follow the path south until the Dark Portal is in sight

These are details you need to find the way to the cursed land in WOW TBC, open the TBC content through the Dark Portal, and start powering in the Outland zones.

Once you reach the new zones, the main storyline quests of the game helps them point in the proper direction to reach their faction’s first base in Outland, where you will be able to continue to level up and take the first step to level 70 cap.

It's worth noting that PvP can be a bit harsh in the shared leveling areas (and on the way to the Dark Portal itself in some cases).

MMOWTS will continue to provide TBC-related game guides. In order to make your journey smoother, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS to quickly view relevant news and guides.

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