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WOW TBC Classic: Where To Find The Entrance To Gruul's Lair?
Jun 22, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Gruul’s Lair is one of the three raids released in the first phase of The Burning Crusade. Considering that it only has two bosses, Gruul’s Lair is one of the faster raids provided by TBC. MMOWTS will show you how to reach the entrance of Gruul’s Lair raid.

In order to reach Gruul’s Lair, you need to go to Blade's Edge Mountains first. Gruul’s Lair is located in the Northeast corner of the area, so when you arrive in the area, you need to start some travel.

The best way to get close to Gruul’s Lair is to fly to Ruuan Weald’s Evergrove. The winding paths of Blade’s Edge Mountains are very tricky, especially when you have not unlocked non-pathed flying.

Follow the northern road out of Ruuan Weald and walk to the end. After reaching the end of the trail, turn right into the main gorge of the area. Go through this gorge and reach the end of it. You may encounter some enemies along the way, but in most cases, the journey to Gruul’s Lair is harmless and straightforward. The large cave at the back of the gorge contains the entrance to the instance of Gruul’s Lair raid.

If you have unlocked the flying, you can easily bypass the roads of Blade's Edge Mountains and fly directly to the entrance of the raid, which is located at the coordinates 67,25.

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