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WOW TBC: Phase 2 Will Bring A Sizeable Update
Aug 17, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Earlier this year, the release of WOW TBC made players feel fresh. The expansion adds a new continent in Outland, some new endgame instances, and 10 new levels of content.

Just like the original Classic released two years ago, TBC content will be released at different phases in a few months. With the arrival of phase 2 of TBC Classic, players are preparing to expand the first main content. You can expect the following content will appear.

2 new raids

Two new raids will appear in phase 2 of TBC Classic: Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern. These raids will be released to the classic servers in a "pre-nerf" state, allowing you to experience their encounters, just like the TBC 14 years ago.

Tempest Keep has bugs in the initial release and is expected to be fixed. Due to its immense difficulty, Serpentshrine Cavern is almost impossible. If you and your guild are still struggling in the first phase of the battle, then phase two may be suitable for you because its PVE content has been nerfed.

New factions and open-world content

The new open-world content you will be able to enjoy is the daily quests of two new factions: Ogri’la and the Sha’tari Skyguard. The latter will reward those players who reach the Exalted reputation rank with the iconic Nether Ray mounts. The Nether Rays is one of the most well-made mounts in TBC, and it is worth a try in phase 2.

PvP Season 2

PvP Season 2 is also coming, it will introduce some sweeping changes, but none of them will be more popular than changing PvP hear. So at this time, TBC Classic Gold will play its important role again. The second phase will add the Faction Battlegear to the gearing process, which provides a shortcut for new level 70 players to gear up.

Quality-of-life features

Some QoL additions (Guild Banks and Druid’s Swift Flight Form) will also be added to phase 2 of TBC Classic. But nothing has more impact on the game than the "Looking for Group" tool, which will allow you to recruit more people for the dungeon and the raid groups, but this process will not be fully automated, which means you need to do the legwork of bringing players into your group.

Phase 2 may be released between August 18th and August 20th, so we will wait and see. New content will bring new challenges. No matter what help you need, you can come to MMOWTS to find. As for the game guides, you can check our news section. As for the game currency, you can also buy TBC Classic Gold on MMOWTS, so if you are a TBC player, you will not want to miss MMOWTS, which is such an all-around website.

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