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WOW WOTLK Classic: How to join Pre-Patch?
Aug 12, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As the best expansion in the minds of countless Warcraft players, the topic of Wrath of the Lich King has always been high. Correspondingly, its classic engraved version, WOTLK Classic, also attracted our attention. With the Beta of the WOTLK Classic coming to an end, we can also get an early look at some of the game's status.

But for the upcoming content, the timely PTR has been revealed, but there are still a large number of players who want to experience it for themselves. So WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch and expansions are what we need most at this stage. With them, we will see more intuitively the playability of the death knight, the new occupation Inscription, and the long-known Scourge Invasion Event.

The way to get WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch the first time is not complicated, we just need to access WoW Classic WotLK PTR.

Since PTR servers are their entities, entering them require some extra steps. This means that in addition to downloading the required client or game, classic players (such as retail players) must first create an account to join.

Players will need to visit Blizzard's Account Management page and in the Starter Editions & Public Test Regions section, select Create PTR Account and create an account as required. After the account is created, it is equivalent to having the key to download and install the PTR. Then you can find the PTR client in Blizzard's app and download it.

In PTR, players can create a brand new test character in an available server and go on an exciting journey through it. Along the way, MMOWTS pays close attention to your needs, and you can upgrade your game here by Buy WOTLK Classic Gold. We will provide you with thoughtful service.

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