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Undecember Ruby PC



Season 1


  • America

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • America

  • Europe

  • Asia

Please Choose Your Server.

Trading Description

Because players cannot directly trade in this game, we will use the auction house method to complete your order. Please notice:

1. Character need to be level 30 to unlock the Auction House.

2. Please list the item on Auction House and set the buy now price the same as the amount you purchase from us.

3. We don't cover the fee of the Auction house transaction.

4. Please send us the screenshot with Time, Current Bid, Buy Now Price and Equipment Attributes, as shown in the following picture.

5. You will receive Ruby 48 hours after we purchase the item. Please wait patiently.

About Undecember Ruby

UNDECEMBER is a Hack & Slash Action RPG in which players are able to surpass the conventional limits of skills by endlessly combining a variety of Skill and Link Runes.

What is Undecember Ruby?

As the currency and medium in the game, Undecember Ruby covers a series of equipment purchases and the role of skill bonuses. Players can use the auxiliary functions of Undecember Ruby to obtain a more amazing game experience, as well as more equipment bonuses.

How do you get Undecember Ruby?

In the game, you can pick up rewards after killing the target or buy it from the store, but, relatively speaking, MMOWTS can offer cheap Undecember Ruby.

Why choose MMOWTS to buy Undecember Ruby?

MMOWTS guarantees 100% transaction security, We also check market prices every day to give you the best deals. With lots of discounts, you can buy Undecember Ruby in bulk for very little money. If you encounter any problems during purchasing, our Online live customer service has a unique and practical understanding of the game and can answer any questions and orders in the game for players at any time. Last but not least, over 90% of orders are successfully processed within 15 minutes.

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