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Valorant Accounts PC



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About Valorant Accounts

Valorant is a First-person Hero Shooter free game which published by Riot Games for PC platform. First tested as the code-name Project A in October 2019, began a closed beta period on April 7, 2020 and finally official released on June 2, 2020. Valorant is a team-based FPS game which set in the future. Players will play as one of Agents, and the all characters are designed based on different countries and cultures around the world. Agents have unique Abilities and each requiring charges, the unique Ultimate Ability that requires charging through kills, deaths, or objectives. The game mode currently has Unrated, Spike Rush, Competitive, Deathmatch, Escalation, Replication, and limited Snowball Fight.The combination between the Agents' abilities and weapons in different game modes will absolutely attractive under the players' innovations, and bring much more possibilities to the game.

Why Buy Valorant Accounts:

Valorant is an entirely free game, you don't have to pay upfront, and there are no subscription charges. However, this also means everyone has to start from bottom as a beginner.

For some of you may have full time jobs, or just have less time on progressing your rank but still have interesting on this FPS game, buying a Valorant account is the greatest alternative. Here at MMOWTS we offer Valorant accounts across all ranks so players can start playing right away without any matchmaking limitations. 

One the other hand, if you're a well experienced FPS gamer, it's highly recommend that you can buy a high rank Valorant account, A high-rank Valorant account helps you avoid the teammates who lack game skills. 

Finally if you like one type of skins or outfits in Valorant, but unfortunately you miss it, Valorant account with multiple cool skins would solve this problem perfectly. Some rare, limited, and exclusive edition skins can cost a fortune, but the cost of buying a high-value Valorant account has lots of skins is much less than collecting the skins one by one yourself. So do you want to show off your high rank and refreshing look in front of your friends? Shop on MMOWTS and buy your dream Valorant account today!

Why Choose To Buy Valorant New Accounts From MMOWTS:

The cheap price with guaranteed security are the absolute reasons why our loyal customers always choose us as they main trading web, In MMOWTS you can enjoy the most reasonable price comparing other sellers. 

On the other hand our delivery speed is also outstanding. When we process any Valorant Account orders, we will centrally process orders from different regions in the world through a complete background system, so that they can be finished more intelligently. Our purpose is to maximize efficiency by completing every step of the order in an orderly manner, so that all orders from different sources can be completed in a short time. Unlike traditional transaction methods, our professional team with new delivery process will make sure your purchase could be done asap.

Overall, do you want to experience this new FPS game developed by Riot? Do you want to know the feeling to have One Free Shot with Jett? Do you want ghost behind your enemies and kill them all to save your team? Come to MMOWTS and pick one of your favourite Valorant Account now!

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