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WOW Circle Gold PC



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About WOW Circle Gold

WOW Circle Server is a Russian private server, running World of Warcraft expansion of WotLK. The current latest version of WoW Circle Server is 3.3.5a. The server offers players three realms with different rates: 3.3.5aX1, 3.3.5aX5, and 3.3.5aX100.

In 3.3.5aX1 realm, you will get basically the same gaming experience as the original game.

In 3.3.5aX5 realm, you will get X5 kills, X5 quests, X2 exploration, X4 drops, X3 gold, X3 reputation, and X4 skills, which will greatly speed up your visit to the endgame.

In 3.3.5aX100 realm, you will get incredible X100 kills, X100 quests, X25 drops, X25 gold, X4 honor, X20 reputation, and X15 skills, enjoy the PvP fun!

All realms offer an in-app purchase store where you can buy Gear, Levels, Gold and Characters directly.

Buy WOW Circle Gold from MMOWTS with best prices and fast delivery

In WOW Circle Server, although players get gold faster, WOW Circle Gold is still not enough for most players. This is mainly because they want to make the most of their in-game time to do something more interesting than farm gold, but also because in-game item prices are higher than usual.

If you want to buy WOW Circle Gold, is your first choice. MMOWTS is committed to providing players with safe and convenient third-party game services to help players solve problems encountered in the game. Buy Cheap WOW Circle Gold from MMOWTS and you will get the most complete online service and the most comfortable shopping experience.

MMOWTS is very easy to use, first please select the realm where your character is located correctly, then select the amount of gold you want and click the Buy Now button. After the payment is successful, you can receive the gold in the order in ten minutes, without worrying about other problems.

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