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ACNH Guide: How To Earn More Bells With Turnips?
Apr 26, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Turnips are special vegetable items in ACNH and the best way for you to get the most bells. This article will provide some useful tips for selling Turnips. Surprisingly, ACNH is not just a simple game that brings people happiness, it also contains many lessons about how the economy works, from supply and demand to stock trading.

Most of your time in the game is to raise enough funds for future villagers to build new properties, or to repay the loan owed from Tom Nook. To do this, you need to sell fruits, furniture, bugs, fish, and other natural resources.

Over time, you will unlock new opportunities to earn money faster, including the ability to buy and sell Turnips in the game.

Using these Turnips correctly will allow you to reap millions of Bells every week. Next, we will provide relevant tips.

How does it work?

After you unlock Nook’s Cranny, Turnips will appear on your island. Once this new business starts, a boar named Daisy Mae will visit your island from 5 am to 12 pm on Sunday. Daisy Mae sells Turnips at different prices every week, and the prices are completely random. You should resell it to Timmy and Tommy at a higher price.

For example, if Daisy Mae sells Turnips for 100 bells, you can make a profit as long as you can sell them to Timmy and Tommy for more than 100 bells. Note that after purchasing Turnips, they can only last for a week. Once a week has passed, Turnips will rot and their value will decrease.

So you need to profit from them before they go bad, but you can't control the prices that Timmy and Tommy mark every day, so every transaction is a gamble.

How to profit on Turnips?

First, you need to check Timmy and Tommy every day to see what their Turnips prices are for that day. The price of Turnips changes twice a day, once during the opening and the other time in the afternoon. We strongly recommend that you sell them for the first higher price. This is a very safe method because waiting too long or the selling price is too low will make you lose a lot of bells.

You will also start to notice the Spike Patterns on the Turnips prices. These patterns indicate that a peak will soon occur on the price of Turnips. Every third price change, the third may be the highest, especially at the end of the week. Check Turnips prices twice a day and record the patterns that will appear.

Turnips is a team-based game. Timmy and Tommy on each player's island are different, so you can call your friends and ask them for the price of Turnips that day. This is beneficial for players who have invested a lot of time in ACNH.

In general, if you want to get more ANCH Bells through Turnips, you should not want to expect to get rich at once. It is best to start with meager profits. Once you understand the whole mechanism, you can play with your own methods. 

If you don't have too much time in ACNH, it may not be realistic to earn Bells through Turnips, so buy Animal Crossing Bells may be a better choice.

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