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ACNH Guide: How To Get As Many Iron Nuggets As Possible?
Jan 18, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, you need to collect many items to craft DIY recipes. One of the most important materials is the iron nugget. Although it is very common in games, you can only get a limited amount every day. It is worth noting that it is also a key crafting material in some DIY recipes, so you will find and collect as many iron nuggets as possible to help you get smoother in the game, whether you use it to decorate your island or resell furniture and decorations to get some ACNH Bells, these are good choices.

How to find iron nuggets?

To find the iron nuggets, you need to figure out the locations of rocks first. This is not a difficult task, because these rocks appear on your island every day, but the number is limited. You can hit these stones with a shovel or an axe, and iron nuggets will drop.

Not only can you find rocks on your island, but you can also use a Nook Miles Ticket at Dodo Airlines to find more rocks on the Mystery Islands. You can find 4-5 rocks on each Mystery Island, and you may get more iron nuggets.

In addition, there will be iron nuggets in the giftboxes that are dropped by the balloons, but this is random, and its drop rate is not as high as that of hitting rocks.

Why is iron nugget so important?

It is the main production material for many important items, such as high-quality tools. Specifically, they are watering can, shovel, axe and fishing rod. With iron nuggets as materials, they will be harder and less fragile.

You can also use iron nuggets to craft some coveted decorations, such as Rocket or Acoustic Guitars.

In addition, for players who want space and star decoration, iron blocks are also indispensable, because most of the Star Fragment recipes use a lot of iron nuggets.

You can also profit from them. You can sell every iron nugget you find for 375 Bells. If you want to get higher profits, you should find a recipe like Iron Hanger and then sell it, because this recipe requires 3 iron nuggets to be crafted, but it can be sold at a price of 2250 bells. You can mass-produce these hangers so that you can repay Tom Nook’s loan.

How to get as many iron nuggets as possible?

In order to get more iron nuggets, you need to hit rocks as fast as possible, because the faster the rock is hit by the tool, the more things will drop. Of course, stones and clay will also drop from rocks, so the amount of iron nuggets dropped is not fixed. But this method is still worth a try.

This is what you need to know about iron nuggets. The best part is that you can earn ACNH Bells through it. If you need Nook Miles Tickets in the process, you can also buy them on MMOWTS so that you can go to the Mystery Islands several times.

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