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ACNH Happy Home Paradise: How To Get and Remove Roommates?

ACNH 2.0 Update and Happy Home Paradise are now available. If you have anything you like, you can come to MMOWTS to buy 2.0 ACNH Items directly.

In ACNH Happy Home Paradise, you can get and remove roommates, which is very tricky. First of all, finding a perfect roommate is not easy. This feature requires some work to unlock. Once completed, you can mix and match guests as one of yours. Sometimes you will even want to separate them, and now MMOWTS will show you how to unlock the roommates.

How to unlock Roommates?

In Happy Home Paradise, you need to do some work to unlock it. The task is to design 16 different holiday homes, which do not include the facilities.

Once your hospitality empire is running, your previous guests will come to your office. They will let you find roommates for them, and then you can add the pair to the room you have built.

Afterward, you can chat with other guests and suggest giving them a Happy Home Paradise roommate. You need to find the right partner, which is available in Paradise Planning Office. You can communicate with clients on the island, use Amibo cards, or ask for help from Niko.

Niko will let you choose people who are already in the vacation home, but if you choose this option, their current home will be destroyed. This is the same if you choose the Amibo card for someone who already owns a holiday home.

How to remove Roommates?

Even the best friends who live together will get sick of each other over time. So, if you want to remove the roommates, you need to visit them in their vacation home.

Ask the character you want to remove about their roommate, and you can create their own vacation home for them. This will separate the two roles, and you can choose to give them a new roommate or let them live alone.

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